6x6 Pics

Chase The Art

523 - What a fun piece! Great illustration work and a wild scene! I'm reminded of M.C. Escher, as well as Jim Pollack, who is responsible for some the iconic artwork for the band Phish.
1303 - I've always enjoyed artists creating something beautiful out of many random bits and pieces. This piece obviously took some time to plan out, well done!
2280 - I love everything about this. The detailed line work, the coloring, and the way it's looking through the 'ripped' paper is fantastic.
2898 - a wonderful black and white photograph of an adorable child. The natural lighting and shadows in the picture draw me in immediately.
3597 - Macro! Really enjoy the close up pictures that leave you guessing. Freshly washed apple? Rain on a flower pedal? Only the artist can say for sure.
5271 - Always a fan of art that gets an important conversation happening. This one does just that.

Chris O'Brian, Chase The Art
1303 2280
2898 3597 5271

Hart's Local Grocers
"Here at Hart’s, we get really excited about 6x6 coming back to the East End each June. The timing couldn’t be better as it coincides with our favorite foods of the year. We think it’s no coincidence RoCo transforms into the wonderful world of tiny art right around the time that fresh, sweet cherries show up in our produce department in all their glory!

Here are a few of our favorites inspired by the bounty of the season and the region; piles of fresh produce, ice cream cones, cold local brews and no reason to turn the oven on all summer!!"

Colleen Griffin-Underhill, General Manager
3598 1128
1199 1965 3208

Bleu Cease
"Occasionally we hear from visitors that, 'All the good ones are sold.' Yet, we know that with over 3,000 artworks still available for purchase, many 'good ones' await. This is especially true for the top and bottom rows, which are a bit out of reach for in-gallery buyers.

Here are a few of my favorites from the top row that are still available for purchase! I hope you’ll find an artwork for yourself or a gift for a loved one. Each purchase supports our upcoming season of programming and moves us closer to our goal. Thank you for your support and participation. Enjoy!"

Bleu Cease, Executive Director, Rochester Contemporary Art Center
2642 3452
128 51 4764

Anne Havens

4736 - Rabbits have always been special symbols to me…rambunctious and prolific,  always scampering out of reach just when you think you have got them. This one is curiously cowering, rendered in a magnificent hand which overshadows all else.
2280 - This exquisite little wood engraving reveals the fine “eye” of its maker…I long to have this one but alas it is taken!
280 - A little holy scene buttressed by its lively shards… quirky, byzantine…suggesting ramifications?
5216 - This powerfully rendered image is hard to see, but cannot be ignored.
4232 - A nicely painted little mystery relic…as my grandson once said to me, “I KNOW Gram, but what’s going on?”
4039 - This quiet little painting? Print? Holds more mystery…it’s all in the details.

Anne Havens, Artist
2280 280
5216 4232 4039

Grant Holcomb

"Many of us are well aware of the phrase 'small is beautiful' and we enthusiasts of the 6x6 exhibition know that the phrase applies to art as well as economics.

The paintings below reflect an interest in landscape from the autumnal glow of a naturalistic scene (737)  to dazzling abstract landscapes that suggest, in the words of poet May Sarton, an 'intensity of a very high voltage' (905, 406, 1670).  The painterly shimmering of leaves and light (5248) and the photographic layering of land and sky (reminiscent of a Mark Rothko painting) (4285) are but two other examples that underscore the fact that 'small is beautiful'."

Grant Holcomb, Director Emeritus, Memorial Art Gallery

905 406
1670 5248 4285

Gerry Szymanski

"As a photographer, I'm always curious to see what other folks are doing with their cameras. The 6 x 6 format is tough as most photo labs won't print to that particular size, so one must often crop an 8 x 10 or larger to fashion an image. While the square format was very popular with the use Rolleiflex film, it passed out of fashion with the age of the 35 mm negative. It's been great to see it return with the likes of social media apps like Instagram!

For me, I can look at thousands of 6 x 6 images, and while I like a lot of them, there is something striking about a few that makes me pause. The artist or photographer captured something that can't entirely be explained, but which draws me in. And sometimes, I'm lucky enough to snag that artwork."

Gerry Szymanski, photographer

434 1341
1493 1629 4356

Erich Lehman

Check out this diverse group of 6x6 artworks selected by Erich S. Lehman, Curator of 1975 and Co-Curator of WALL\THERAPY. WALL\THERAPY murals enliven neighborhoods and provide inspiration to local artists. Much like 6x6, the artists of WALL\THERAPY are both local and international. Visit here to learn more about the WALL\THERAPY project.

3586 - Dracula Sings The Blues
Some of my favorite art mixes my love of the things that go bump in the night with well-executed humor. I started chuckling instantly when I stumbled on this piece.
2414 - S&H Green Stamps 
This piece and its two counterparts immediately took me back to my youth. I instantly had memories of saving these stamps with my family and dreaming of the things I could get with them. My mom would take my brother and I to the Green Stamp store and I’d walk through the aisles, wishing and hoping. This series gave me my most unexpected reaction of all the 6x6 pieces. 
2686 - Young boy with glasses

This young man is the perfect combo of power, determination, style, and attitude all enveloped in the vulnerability and uncertainty of youth. Is he hunched from the cold or in a classic B-Boy pose? We are inspired to do WALL\THERAPY for kids like him.
3116 - Prince 
Come on . . . do I need to say anymore?  After he died, I started every day for the next few months listening to his songs. In a year when we were losing our icons, his death got to me a lot more than I thought it would. 
2828 - Amazing Illustration of a woman

WOW. This series of four illustrations are AWESOME! This was my favorite of the set, so artfully rendered, so strong, I’d love to see these characters in an animated movie, and I can’t wait until this artist’s name is revealed!
1253 - I AM the storm
There were so many politically-minded pieces in this year’s show, it was hard to choose just one. I’m heartened to see so many people taking a stand, standing up for the rights of those being disenfranchised. Of the many protest posters out there, I appreciate the sentiment of this one the most. 

2414 2686
3116 2828 1253

Lollypop Farm Friends

Animals have long been a source of inspiration for artists and creators! Each year 6x6 welcomes artworks from people all over the world, many of which depict creatures; from fuzzy kittens to regal elephants and everything in between! Below are six original 6x6 works from this year's exhibition chosen by Lollypop Farm President and CEO Alice Calabrese. Adopt one of these 6x6 animals or choose from thousands of others!

3215 - At Lollypop Farm we are deeply committed to building the bond between humans and animals.  Notice how tenderly and lovingly the outstretched hand offers sustenance to the tiniest of birds.  
4221 - Considering the many ways we in this world are diverse — race, religion, culture, gender, abilities, opinions, sexual orientation, language — there is one thing that brings us all together.  We all belong to the universe.  
3448 - What a delightful scene of two would-be enemies who seem to here have mutual admiration for each other.  The cat's gaze shows a playful curiosity of his subject who, perhaps, is just outside the window.  Notice that cat and bird share the same coloring highlighting their sameness rather than their differences. Much like these two do, Lollypop Farm has admiration for all living creatures.
33  - The simplicity of this piece speaks to the simplicity and pureness of the friendship between dog and person.  The person, although not in the frame, is acknowledged through the dog’s patiently waiting stance.  To discover this kind of connection, come visit Lollypop Farm to adopt a pet!
2590 - Did you know that according to researchers, pigs are considered one of the most intelligent animals?  They can adapt to new environmental situations because they have the ability to learn new skills easily!   That said, pigs are much better suited to the farmyard than as an indoor pet. 
4462 - Is it a squirrel, reptile, sloth, rabbit, frog, duck, snake, leopard?  This whimsical drawing brings together striking features of many creatures great and small. – and maybe offers proof that it takes all colors to make a rainbow.

4221 3448
33 2590 4462

Writers & Books
"These artworks reflect the core of what we're all about here at Writers & Books - reading, writing, and our beloved neighborhood in Rochester, the Neighborhood of the Arts (NOTA). Each artwork we chose represents either a character from a beloved work of literature, the act of reading or creation of writing itself, or our neighborhood. We hope these artworks inspire you to pick up a good book, a pen (or computer keyboard), or to explore what NOTA has to offer!"

– Tate DeCaro, Director of Development, Writers & Books
423 1406
2106 4065 5079

Print Club of Rochester
In advance of the Opening Party & Artwork Sale Kick off on June 3, 4 - 10pm, the walls of RoCo have been covered in small artworks of every imaginable medium! One of the many art forms you will find is printmaking. Yet even these artworks range from traditional productions to ones with more experimental techniques. Adam Werth and The Print Club of Rochester have selected these 6x6 artworks to both explain and inspire an appreciation for the vast world of Printmaking.

2148 - Collages of printed, or patterned fabric and paper fall into the expanded definition of what Printmaking is or can be! Palette, composition and hand drawn elements are what attracted me to this work! Not sure if the artist is young or old, but love the execution of this piece!
723 - Photography through process and reproducibility is Print. The camera is an artist's tool. The lens changes the way that we see the world. This work has a strong composition and a full tonal range that together create a great photographic print!
1094 - Print isn't just for paper! Transferring images to ceramic, plastic, fabric, wood and other even more experimental substrates are all interesting approaches to image making that can push the process away from the predictable! I love this series that look like silk screened porcelain or china!
2324 - I'm not sure if this little gem is a digital transfer or some other digital process. Either way, this reminds me of Futurism remixed.
2349 - Pablo Picasso once said, "It took me 4 years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child." This work is raw, full of energy and isn't trying to be anything other than it is — a great drawing. Drawing has a tight relationship with traditional printmaking and has a deep rooted importance in art! I was thrilled when I saw this work!
5217 - This looks like a traditional etching: a work that is etched on a copper or zinc plate in an acid and then inked up and printed by hand on a press! Look up the process - its cool to learn about a new way of image making! This image is graphic and intense. It might challenge a viewer to reconsider their personal boundary conditions as they relate to the idea of beauty in art!

723 1094
2324 3652 5217

ROC Love from Mayor Lovely Warren

The City of Rochester has always been a source of inspiration for our 6x6 artists. This year is no exeception! Local food, streets, waterfalls, famous personalities, and Rochester history can find on the walls at RoCo for the 10th Annual International Small Art Phenomenon. Check out The City of Rochester's #6x6Pics selected and reviewed by Mayor Lovely Warren.

1122 - This image captures Susan B. Anthony in a thoughtful, contemplative mood. The colors give us a sense of nostalgia, but also hope.
2709 - I will never forget Election Day of 2016 at Mount Hope Cemetery, and this image captures a wonderful day of remembrance and grateful perfectly.
5121 - This image perfectly captures the quiet sense of solitude the morning after a snow fall in Rochester, something I have experienced hundreappreciationds of times.
5129 - Welcome to the extreme selfie! In this photo I can’t tell if the subject is standing or sitting, which adds to the drama of the photo.
3652 - This captures our city image in a unique way. The image has great dimension, almost a 3D quality.
5115 - The symmetry, high contrast and vibrant color give this photo an almost timeless storybook quality, like something out of a movie.

2709 5121
5129 3652 5115

Are they Famous?
There are many extraordinary artworks in the tenth annual 6x6, including pieces by famous artists, hobbyists, youth and so many others! Below are six carefully made, highly detailed works. Were they made by a famous artist? Does it really matter?
1899 3338
1067 533 1510