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The Days The Artists Spoke / First Friday

January 3, 6-9pm

The Days the Artists Spoke is a series of short, back-to-back artist talks and a great opportunity to learn more about a wide range of different artists. Don’t miss it!

6:00-6:10      Jack Mars
6:10-6:20      Dave Paprocki
6:20-6:30      Ellen Loughrin
6:30-6:40      Phillip Bliss
6:40-6:50      Jane Notides-Benzing
6:50-7:00      Lori Farr
7:00-7:10      Karen Frutiger
7:10-7:20      Susan Mandl
7:20-7:30      Barbara Lakeberg
7:50-8:00      Max Irwin
8:00-8:10      Karin Staples
8:10-8:20      Dave Boyer
8:20-8:30      Christina Johnson
8:30-8:40      Melvyn Rosengarden
8:40-8:50      Katy Burke
8:50-9:00      Andy Smith