Main Gallery

Under Pressure:
September 1 - 24
Featuring new and recent artworks by:

Nick Ruth
Jeffrey Dell
Mike Delucia
Sean Caulfield
Under Pressure: Redefining the Multiple returns for the second year of this new series of collaborations between Rochester Contemporary Art Center and The Print Club of Rochester.

Including national, regional  and international artists, this exhibition reflects the ongoing efforts of the Print Club of Rochester to recognize a paradigm shift in how prints are considered and the expansion of the definition of print media. Under Pressure 2017 will include a wide range of work that transcend traditional approaches and move beyond two dimensions.
October 6 -
November 12

Opening Reception: October 6, 6-9pm

Artist Talk:
October 7, 12-1:30pm
Featuring works by:
Paul Dodd
Leo Dodd
RoCo presents Witness, featuring works by Paul Dodd and the late Leo Dodd. The exhibition contrasts their shared impulse to document and catalog different aspects of Rochester, NY.

This exhibition is one of three in the New Rochester Biennial.

27th Annual
Members Exhibition:

December 1, 2017 - January 14, 2018

Artwork Drop-Off:
Nov. 3, 12-9pm,
Nov. 4 & 5, 12-6pm

Opening Reception: Friday, December 1,

Awards Announced:
December 1 at 7:30pm

First Friday:
December 1
& January 5, 6-9pm

The Days the Artists Spoke: December 9 & January 5

Artwork Pick-up:
Jan. 14, 5-7pm,
Jan.15 & 16, 12-6pm

Closed to the Public:
Dec. 24, 25, 31 & Jan. 1
Members of RoCo Thank you RoCo Members! To show our gratitude, we've named an exhibition after you! Any member may enter one artwork maximum 36" x 36" x 36" inches. Artists may join or renew their membership at the time of drop-off.

Join or renew your membership here

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The Days the Artists Spoke is a multi-day event of short, back-to-back talks by participating artists. Artists may sign up to speak about their work in the Members Exhibition or their creative practice. This is a unique event where visitors can learn more about many different regional artists.

Special Events

Public Art Detour:
Friday, September 22,

Sat., September 23,
William Sellers RoCo is intervening on the sidewalk to celebrate the slow art movement and engage people more deeply with its public art installation. The public art detour will encourage the passersby to slow down and participate with the public art installation and write down their reflections.
The New Biennial

Opening Receptions:
October 6, 6-9pm

Place Making Processional

Curated experiences linking the three venues during the opening receptions

Gallery r to VSW, departs Gallery r
at 6:45 pm

VSW to RoCo,
departs VSW at 8 pm

Artist Talks
RoCo: October 7,
12-1:30 pm
VSW: October 7,
2 -3:30 pm
Gallery r: October 7,
4-5:30 pm
Rochester Contemporary Art Center: Witness

Visual Studies Workshop: Implement

Gallery r:
Work by Bethany Krull and Jesse Walp
The New Rochester Biennial is dedicated to expanding the dialogue surrounding contemporary art and supporting collaboration between Rochester’s mid- sized venues. The Biennial will continue to bring artists and arts organizations together and instigate new curatorial models. For 2017, Rochester Contemporary Art Center, Visual Studies Workshop and Gallery r have each curated exhibitions that investigate collaboration, influence and partnership
Filthy Animal's Plasticrap:
June 2 - November 5
John Kastner "We have become an enormously prolific species whose consumptive habits crowd out the rest of life on earth. These habits have created a world vastly different than the one in which we evolved...What new purpose in life can we envision if we give up the drive for status and the unquenchable thirst for acquiring ever more meaningless plastic junk?"
- John Kastner
Dinner & Mortgage
Burning Bash:
Saturday December 2

6-7:30pm: Dinner at a Collector’s home
($200 per person, includes toast at RoCo)

8-9:30pm: Mortgage Burning Bash at RoCo
($50 per person)
Thanks to over 400 supporters we’re ready to burn our mortgage, commemorate the outright ownership of 137 East Ave. and celebrate our 40th Anniversary! Please join us Saturday, December 2. All proceeds support RoCo’s growing endowment funds.

You’ll start your evening with dinner at the home of a longtime RoCo supporter, where you will learn about their art collection. Then, join more RoCo fans at our main gallery for dessert, a champagne toast and ceremonial mortgage burning!

Please call 461-2222 to learn more or RSVP by November 10. Tickets available online.

LAB Space
View the archive of past LAB Space exhibitions.

Mizin Shin:
September 1 - 24
Mizin Shin Mizin Shin’s work addresses the interdependency societal systems. The artist is currently and constantly adopting, and adapting to, multiple cultures. Theories and topics of research that have informed her work include Self-Organization and pattern formation, The Butterfly Effect, Chaos Theory, Complexity Science and Complex Adaptive Systems, Entropy, Emergence, and Small-world networks. Through these phenomena, her projects are designed to help lead viewer-users to discover the nearly infinite distribution of responsibility across intertwined networks.
Kyle Butler:
Map of Dead Ends,
Buffalo NY:
Oct. 6 - November 12

Opening Reception: October 6, 6-9pm
Kyle Butler

Kyle Butler's Map of Dead Ends, Buffalo NY will act as a prompt for his upcoming installation in connection with "Points of Departure," at Rochester Contemporary Art Center.

"The map of dead ends is a prompt toward making; extracted, literal ends providing the visual structure for new work.  Taking the form of a tool that typically guides movement through space, this map isolates the circumstances where passage is not possible.  In the broad sense, it is a work about resignation to limits or perseverance despite them." - Kyle Butler

Public Art

Step Around:
June 2 - November 5
William Sellers Opening First Friday, June 2 and on view through November 5, Rochester Contemporary Art Center will display Step Around (1976). The 18’ tall stainless steel abstract geometric sculpture is presented as the latest installation in RoCo’s new public art program.

Also launching on June 2 and permanently on view, The Metropolitan will host Reprogression (1976) as part of a larger public art installation at Main & Clinton in Downtown Rochester. Both sculptures, installed 4 blocks from each other, will be available to the public, 24/7 free of charge.

RoCo Upstairs Gallery

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The RoCo Room

RoCo Thredz RoCo Thredz Season 1 features designs by:

Tanvi Asher
Amy Casey
Wendell Castle
Andy Gilmore
Anne Havens
Kurt Ketchum
Heather Swenson
Adam Werth
Help us celebrate our 40th Anniversary in style, while supporting the future of RoCo. All proceeds benefit RoCo's Endowment Funds. RoCo Thredz are limited! Each piece is signed by the artist and numbered for your collection. Special items, made just for RoCo Thredz, will be available in smaller quantities.



Artworks for sale in support the Future Fund.

All proceeds from works ensure the future of contemporary art in downtown Rochester and support a permanent and stable base for Rochester Contemporary Art Center's continued growth.

View all donated Future Fund artworks available for purchase here.

Pictured: String of Pearls by Brian O'Neil



ART-O-MAT® is a repurposed cigarette vending machine that now offers original artworks for just $5.

The ART-O-MAT® offers small artworks in a recycled retro format.