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6×6 Party Month

March 1, 2018 - March 31, 2018

March is 6x6 Party Month. Get together with your friends and make art! Here's how to be an official 6x6 Party:

1 Attend the 6x6 Party Month Kick-Off

To learn more about hosting a party or forming your team, attend 6x6 Party Month Kick-off. You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

2 Invite Your Friends / Make a Team

To be an official 6x6 Party, your team must enter a minimum of 12 artworks. Your team may consist of coworkers, family members, friends or your favorite drinking buddies.

3 Host Your Party / Collect Artworks

Make 6x6 magic! Share your 6x6 party experience using #RoCo6x6 and @RoCo137. If a team member can’t make your party, collect their art separately. Don’t forget, each piece needs a completed entry form.

4 Drop-Off Your Team's Artworks

Once you have gathered at least 12 pieces, deliver them to RoCo. In order to be counted as a party, all pieces must be received together.

5 Sell Out!

Tell your friends. If ALL your team’s artworks sell out, you’ll have bragging rights and we’ll be eternally grateful. We'll also show you some serious gratitude on our social media channels.