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Interior Dialouges

July 11, 1993 - August 7, 1993

Interior Dialogues is an international exhibition featuring the work of 23 photo-based artists who are recent recipients of graduate degrees. The exhibition centers around the question of how academic institutions shape and/or fuel the future of art making. The presented works examine the role of higher education in the development of talent.


Kristen Anderson, Julia Barello, Christl Berg, Monica Chau, Gerald Cyrus, Charles Frankenburg, Christopher Giglio, Angela Grossman, Larry Hammerness, David Heberlein, Judith Hersko, Young Kim, Carol Layfayette, Dinh Le, Herman Maat, Edward Petrosky, Jose Quintana, Rosangela Renno, Chuck Samuels, Joe Smoke, Philip Soo, Penelope Umbrico