Open Friday 12 – 9pm Thank you for all the amazing 6x6 Artworks!! Global Online Preview Begins May 13


July 7, 2022

Welcome! brings together a diverse and eclectic group of creatives together to help build a more supportive and sustainable art community. This gathering will highlight ten artists, ranging from dancers to photographers to musicians, and will focus on those who have recently moved here or have returned to Rochester. Each creative will introduce their art practice, share their future plans, propose collaborations, and perhaps most importantly express their hopes for the Rochester art community. Audience members should expect to make introductions, propose collaborations, break down silos, and offer supportive suggestions. After all, we're here to welcome new artists to Rochester! This event is limited to 50 attendees and 10 presenters. Attendance is free. Please register here (LINK coming soon).

Event at RoCo: 6-8pm