Current Members and Exhibition Supporters

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Hon Senator James S Alesi
Anne Havens and Stewart D. Davis
Louise H Klinke
Anne Konar
Richard and Vicki Schwartz
Mary Alice Wolf

Exhibition Lead Underwriter

Ameriprise Financial Nocon and Associates
Gallina Development Corporation
Memorial Art Gallery
The Community Foundation
The Community Foundation
Viele, Solimano, Swagler and Chapman
Market Apartments Corpus Christi
Genesee Co-op Federal Credit Union
James and Judi Fonzi
Daisy Marquis Jones Foundation
Rochester Community Media Center
Mary S Mulligan Charitable Trust
Nannette Nocon and Karl Wessendorf


City Blue Imaging
John, Seana and the Holtz Family
The Foster Charitable Trust
Mike Bobrow
Alan Cameros and Carolyn Ettinger
Essie Germanow
Lynn Vacanti and John Gilroy
Roslyn and John Goldman
Wendell Castle and Nancy Jurs
Colleen Buzzard and Hartmut K Land
Mrs. Dawn Lipson
John Edward Lovemheim and Barbara Pitlick Lovenheim
Susan Mandl
Constance Mauro
Shree and Kishan Pandya
Michael Linsner and Steven Plouffe
Stephanie Polowe
Mr and Mrs Harold Samloff
Edith Lunt Small
Samuel and Mimi Tilton
Susan and Jerry Wells
David and Stephanie Whitaker
Andrew Conroy and Loretta Wilmot
Eric I. Zeller

Exhibition Underwriter

Alliance for the Great Lakes
Ames-Amzalak Memorial Trust
Comella Orthodontics
Forte Capital
Gouvernet Arts Fund
Hart Hearing Centers
HBT Architects
Optic Sky Productions
Ox and Stone
PEW Charitable Trusts
S&t Bank
The M&T Charitable Foundation
The Nature Conservancy
Trillium Health
Vance Metal
Bob and Jody Asbury
Sarah Collins
Loretta Wilmot Conroy and Andrew Quinn Conroy
RIT, School for American Crafts
Anne Havens and Stewart D. Davis
Mark Anthony Eidlin
Merrill Lynch - Eidlin-Kilmer and Associates
Jean F. Geisel
Lynn Vacanti and John Gilroy
Financial Freedom Group
Hugh and Mary Clare Hamlin
Barbara and Dan Hoffman
RIT Division for Diversity and Inclusion
Louise H. Klinke
Anne Konar
Colleen Buzzard and Hartmut K Land
City of Rochester, NY Lovely A. Warren, Mayor
John and Barbara Lovenheim
Scott MacRae MD
Constance Mauro
Rochester Regional Photonics Cluster
Susan Plunkett
Fitness Edge Radio
Print Club of Rochester
Bassett Voices
Anne Coon and Craig Zicari


Costanza Family Foundation
Greece Dermatological Associates
Smidgens Inc.
The Daily Refresher
Jody and Bob Asbury
Bleu Cease
Mark Anthony Eidlin
PEW Charitable Trusts Matching Gifts Program and John Gilroy
Walter B.D. Hickey
Stamford Mayer
Jo Sibley
Honorable Louise Slaughter
Sarah Webb
Patricia and Michael Wilder

Exhibition Sponsor

Bachelor Forum
Bank Of America
Dixon Schwabl
Harris Beach PLLC
Partners + Napier
Rochester Art Supply
Ronald Feldman Fine Arts
Trillium Health
Rome Celli
David and Ajia Cherry
One Hip Chic
Mark Cleary / City Blue Imaging
Patty and Jim Condon
Anne Havens and Stewart D. Davis
Dr. Eric Dreyfuss
James M. Farley
Mary V. Fisher
Sandra and Neil Frankel
Essie Germanow
Jacquie and Andy Germanow
Richard Glaser
Roslyn and John Goldman
Good Search / Good Shop
Harter Secrest and Emery
Charlotte and Raul Herrera
Grant Holcomb
Jennifer Leonard and David Cay Johnston
Thomas J. Kroon CFP, Edward Jones
Karpus Investment Management
Vivian Palladoro
David and Marjorie Perlman
Michael Linsner and Steven Plouffe
Brennon R. Redmond, CFA, Brighton Securities
Sierra Club Rochester Regional Group
Eric Dreyfuss and Joan Rosenthal
Park Ave Bike Shop
Jo Sibley
Alan Singer
Robin and Paul Suwijn
Maggie and Charlie Symington
Bernadette Catalana and Kevin Szczepanski
James Tabbi
Gear Resource Technologies
Friends and Foundation of The Rochester Public Library


James Tabbi
Mattie E. Alleyne
Matt Haag and Bill Schaefer
Tom Battley
Doug and Abby Bennett
Noreen Salerno and Guy Boor
Joan Saab and Stephen M Brauer
Susan Pullman - Brooks and Douglas Brooks
Tom Burns
Terryl and Terrance Butwid
Clifton Wood in honor of Colleen Buzzard
Mary G. Crowe
Rick Crowley
John Dash
Brady Dillsworth
Brian Donovan
Mary Fisher
Jean F. Geisel
Nancy and John Ghertner
Wayne Goodman
Linda Lohner and Stuart Hanau
James Hartsen
Charlotte and Raul Herrera
Grant Holcomb
Tudie and Ronald Kirshner
Susan and George Leopard
Deborah Ronnen and Sherm Levey
Marcia Lowry
Kathleen Holt and Stephen Lurie
Richard Margolis
Sherry Phillips and Richard Margolis
Richard McGrath
Diane and Michael Mendick
Dr John Paris
Marjorie and David Perlman
Marlene Boutet and Stephan Quessy
Jerry Ludwig and Sarah Rockwell
Eric Rodriguez
Eric Dreyfuss and Joan Rosenthal
Joan and Harris Rusitzky
Alexandra Northrop and Jules Smith
Amy Vena
David Zimmerman


Bill and Susan Fricke
Tom and Carolyn Argust
Jonathan Barber
Ann and Jonathan Binstock
Barbara Fox and Tom Burke
Michael J. and Elizabeth M. Burns
John Tracey and Martha Bush
Christine Christopher
Kathy Clem
Nazareth Art Club
Patty and Jim Condon
Jim and Jan Durfee
William and Rachel Edwards
Peter Elliott
Kassaundra Porres and Mosen Farooq
Stan Feingold
Judy and Kurt Feuerherm
Barbara A. Lohse and Donald A. Fischman
Garry and Anne Geer
Nancy and Carl Gerard
Patricia Giordano
Deborah G. Goldman
John and Gwen Greene
Marjorie Grinols
Skip Hallenbeck
Stephen and Margaret Hart
Richard and Nedra Harvey
Megan Henry
Thomas Cassada and Douglas Howard
Jim Kuhn and Ruth Ilan
Nick and Kitty Jospe
William J. Judkins
John Kavanaugh
Robert L Keck
Dale and Joe Klein
Alan and Patricia Knauf
Glenn Leavy
Jerry Casey and Patrick Macey
Dave and Margaret Burns
Elizabeth and Frederick Marshall
Kevin Cooper and Brian McNeela
Pamela Miller Ness
Nicholas and Mary Nicosia
Kathy and Ted Nixon
Charles Owens
Dr Vivian Palladoro
Katharine Parsons
PJ Pennywell
Kay Wallace and Peter Oddleifson
Dr. and Mrs. Julian Pierce Webb
Christine and Barry Platt
Joe R. Struble
Jay and Margaret Rachfal
Brennan Redmond
Susan Rogers
Joan and Harris Rutizky
Daniel Scally
Andrew Schecter
Nancy Richards and Dolores Seagren
Alan Singer and Anne Sears
Luvon Sheppard
Alice and J. Michael Smith
Courtney Somerville
Elizabeth Stauderman
Jean and William Stephens
Robin and Paul Suwijn
Laurie Swagler
Maggie and Charlie Symington
Mary Anna and Bill Towler
Leonard Urso
Sheridan Vincent
Madelyn Vonrathonyi
Karen Winer
Gladys and Jack Wolsky
Shirley Zimmer Kidd

Couple / Family

Janice and David Linehan
Kevin Crego and Eleni Papademetrion
Two Grannies Seashell Jewelry
Charlotte Sibley and Douglas Adams
Natercia Rodrigues and Arn Albertini
John and Alison Valenti
Emille and Frank Allen
Liz Alpert
Rola Rashid and Christopher Amman
Richard Simon, Kristin Scheible, and Brian Simon
Michael Tomb and Marcia Zach
John Guzman and Monica E. Brown
Mary Jane Curry and Moritz Wagner
Catherine and John Anderson
James Antonevich
John K. Archer
Sarita and Timothy Arden
Skip Battaglia and Virginia Bacheler
Rajesh Barnabas
Gregory Barnett and Patti Russotti
Mary and Dennis Bassett
James Bearden
DIck and Sandy Beery
Shira May and Mickey Behan
Darlene Benzon
Sheldon Berlyn
Art Berman
Barbara Berman
Margaret Evans and Art Berman
Kathryn and John Bevier
Carolyn and Sam Bick
Dr and Mrs Eric Birken
Marica Birken
Aaron and Lara Black
James Black
Bette Blakeney
Jason Roberts and Bob Farnan
Jackie Levine and John Borek
Lynn Baldwin and Tim Bowe
Natasha Chart and Chris Bowers
Daniel and Silvia Boyer
Rich and Heather Brainerd
Zachary Braun
Peter Brincka
Carley Brown
Kurt Brownell
Mary B Buchan
Collene Burns and McLean Bulmer
Mike Calabrese
Bob and Sue Caranddo
Steve Carper
Jamie Allen and Alice Carver Kubik
Bill Klingensmith and Robin Cass
Angela Bonazinga Catherine Lewis
Jeanne and Robert Cease
Chuck Cerankosky
Tim Cerqua
Richard and Katherine Chapman
Lynn and Mark Chauvin Bezinque
Kathryn, Michael and Kayla Cherrington
Heidi Katz and Carl Chiarenza
Jeff Ching
Cathy Christa
Patricia Christner
Anne Clancy
Tarrant and Jacque Clements
Sharon Coates
Eileen Flanagan and John Cochrane
Douglas Coffey
Raquel Cofield
Brandon Colaprete
Joseph Combs
William Coppard
Linda Q and Ned Corman
Jane Parker and Fran Cosentino
Barb and Charlie Cote
Amber Odhner and Derek Crowe
John and Kathryn D Amanda
Katherine DaCosta
Jan and Dave Dale
Cindy and Wade Dalton
Susan Danahy
April Pizzotti and David Spoleta
Darren Brennessel and Dawn Sargent
Bruce and Nancy Day
Daniel and Joanne Demarle
Robert Denome
Henry W Williams Jr and Barbara Dimmick
Bob and Pam DiPaola
Peggi Fournier and Paul Dodd
Eric Dodge
Victoria and Michael Doyle
Nan Meyer and AJ Dungan
Ron Durnavich
Martha J OConnor and Dan Eaton
Shirley Kelley and Shirley Edwards
Janet Ekis
Louise W Epstein
Elaine Heveron and Louis Faber
Michael Harris and Denise Fabrizio
John Fanning
Tom and Christine Ferrara
Richard Figueras
Andrew Fisher
Jason and Amy Flack
Dewey and Danna Fladd
Sean and Karina Flaherty
Wendy Wylegala and Russell Floersch
Diane Foley
Terrance Quataert & Dennis Foley
Suressa and Richard Forbes
Lauren Frank
Sandra and Neil Frankel
James and Sondra Franzen
John Fredericks
Garth Freeman
Mary Therese and Kent Friel
Mark Frisk
Nissa and Tim Fung
Linda Piontek, Noah Young and Gabriel Young
Cathy Sweet and Mitch Garfield
Bonnie and Jack Garner
Sue and Gary Tebor
Jacqueline and Andy Germanow
Carol and Bob Geroux
Kristen and Bobby Geroux
Ross Giardino
Beverly Gibson
Jamie Columbus and Max and Lily Glaser
Richard Glaser
Judith and Peter Gohringer
Stanley Van Horn and Marc Goldman
Patricia Joynt Goodman
Cinda and John Graham
Antoinette Moon and George Granger
Mark Groaning
Anni and Alex Gruttadaro
Laura and Nick Gula
Tony Gullace
Noreen and David Halpern
Lyunn Minderman and Doug Hamlin
Vicki and Chris Hartman
Pam Hathaway
Christopher Haydu
Larry Francer and Jerome Herron
Alex Weiser and Maureen Higgins
Daniel and Sharon Higgins
Antonia Orlando and Thomas Hill
Kari Horowicz
Beverly Gold and Bruce Horowitz
Sharice Cotton and Donivan Howard
Sarah Howell
John Hutchings
Julia Figueras and Peter Iglinski
Isaac and Susan Jacobs
Marvin Ritzenthaler and Steven Jarose
George Fish and Bruce Javits
Ryan Jennings
Rachel and Jimmy DeGuzman
Lisa Johnson
Jennifer Leonard and David Cay Johnston
Paul Minor and Judith Bennett
Pattie Katchmar
Jerome and Susan Kaye
Ander Kazmerski
Glenn and Jennifer Kellogg
Judith and Hugh Kierig
Robin Cass and Bill Klingensmith
Trisha and Johannes Koomen
Sandra and James Koon
Regina Demina and Sergey Korjenevski
Joan and Peter Krist
Lisa Lipani and Dan Kummerow
Craig Smith and Theresa Kusak-Smith
James Kwiatkowski
Emily and David Lambert
Loretta Petralis and Brad Landsman
Rebecca and Marc Lavender
Bonnie Lavorato
Paul Lanzone and Michael Lecker
Angela Bonazinga and Catherine Lewis
Thomas and Martha Lightfoot
Steven Peet and Yixuan Lin
Judy and Ken Livingston
Robin and Luke Lorenzo
Cali Lovett
Todd Smith and Wendy Low
Susan, Charlie, Talia and David Lusignan
Mette Stromnes and David Lutz
Joan Lyons
Linda Magi and J Timothy Raymond
Robert Malone
Harold and Frances Marrett
Susan and Saul Marsh
Dan Martello
Henry and Annabelle Martin
Robert and Frances Marx
Melissa Matson
Terryn Maybeck
Joseph and Julie Mayernik
Michael McCourt
Terri and Louis McIntyre
Wendy Menzie
Stanley and Lynne Merrell
Peter Messner
Meg Lally and Terry Meyer
Jenna Miles
Larry Champoux and Rick Millard
Christine G. Adamo and Brian Moffitt
Jennifer and Joe Moore
John and Kristin Moore
Joseph and Jennifer Moore
Chris, Meghan, Josephine, and Morgan Cameron
Alinda Drury and Tom Morse
Michael Morse
Stephen and Theo Munson
Marco Muoio
Kathryn Murano
Mary E. and Robert Murphy
Robin and Rick Muto
Robert Horn, MD and Patricia Nachman, PhD
Blynn Nelson
Caitlin Meives and Nicholas Delahanty
Michele Nichols
Robin Whiteman and John O'Brien
Annie and Mike O'Reilly
Carolyn Oakes
Caitlyn Augustyn and Amber Odhner
Jose and Armando Olivieri Rivera
Jenn Libby & Jason Olshefsky
Chistopher Barry and David Omdahl
Elissa and Ernest Orlando
Anny Ostau DeLafont
Mark and Terra Osterling
Maureen Outlaw and Karl Church
Brenda Porter and Rick Papaj
Susan Gilday and Bruce Parks
Andrea Parros
Jeremiah Parry-Hill and Tanvi AsherA
Daniel McIntosh and Patrick Parson
Allyson Perkins
Sarah and Nick Perlet
Susan Mars and Alessandro Perriello
Cameron Phelps
Gary and Giulia Picariello
Igor and Olga Podzorov
Sheila and Paul Porell
Jessica and Christopher Price
Peggy Quackenbush
Yvonne Buchanan and Dorene Quinn
Marshall Brodsky and Jessica Randle
Stephen Reardon
Erin and Steven Rebholz
Chris Reeg
Claire Marziotti and Kerry Regan
Linda and James Reilly
Ron Richardson
Christine Richter
Gail, Patrick, Abby, Glorie, and Jorge Riggs
Mary Beth Egeling and Michael Rizzi
Ron and Holly Rockwell
Steve Garfield and Janet Rogal
Art Rogers
Patti and Jerry Rose
Mary Rouse
Rebecca A Simmons and John Rudy
Eileen Gallagher and Russell Roberts
Nissa A Youngren and Nicholas H Ruth
Laura Sadowski
Tim Sallade
Catherine Armstrong and Casey Sanders
Richard and Sandra Young
Dutch Summers and Sandy Parker
Eileen and Don Scardino
Pic and Ken Schade
Catherine Valleroy and Andrew Schlageter
Anna and John Schlia
Grace Seiberling
Elizabeth Sibley
Sarah Teres and Stephen Sifling
Bob and Louise Slaughter
Franlee Frank and John Perry Smith
Jay Speranza
Jean Stahl
Joel Stauring
Nolan Stephany
Bill and Bonnie Stewart
Karen Frutiger and John Stewart
Caitlyn Mark and Shane Stoffle
Andrew Super
Jefferson and Lisa, Jocelyn, Madeline, Samuel Svongsouk
Jon Swan
Paulina Swan
Jason Longo and Bryan Sweet
Vivian Lewis and Rustam Tahir
Sandra and Donald Talarico
Elizabeth Lulla and Stanley Tam
Nancy Chwiecko and Rich Tannen
Jason Tennant
Gail and Jim Thomas
Ben Entner and Marissa Tirone
Allen C and Nancy Topolski
Melissa Hall and Joe Torre
Robert Tortorella
Eric and Anne Townell
Leslee and Sophia Trzanski
Claudia Pretelin and Benjamin Tucker
Sarah Berger and Ginny Tucker
Joe Tunis and Family
Joseph Turri
Jeff Markarian and Bruce Vair
Brad and Stacey VanAuken
Amy Blum and James VanDemark
Justin Vigdor
Gary and Rita Villa
Samantha Vitagliano
Dan and Marilyn Waingarten
E. J. Santos, Drew, Zhia, and Han Washburn
Janine Wasley
Fran Weisberg
Mari Wells
Brain White
Marlene and Tom Whitmore
Linda and William Delaney
Michelle Prohov and Scott Wischmeyer
Maura Keefe and Mark Witteveen
James Wondrack
Laurel and Kenneth Yartz
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Zarrella
Christian and Tanya Zwahlen


Kate Luebstorff
Margaret Abell
Carol A. Acquilano
Jacquie Adams
Ann Marie Agness
Yasmani Aguiar
Alicia Ainsworth
Megan Alchowiak
Lorin Alder
Arkee Allen
Rebecca Allen
Gerard Alonzo
Sophia Amm
Chelsie Angelo
Holly Ansaldi
Jennifer Apetz
Don Arday
Frank Argento
Fredrick Armstrong
Megan Armstrong
Mina Attln
Catelyn Augustine
Timothy C Avery
Katherine Baca-Bielinis
Gloria Baciewicz
Eric Baden
Laurel Bahe
Rick Burnett Baker
Roxanne Baker
Christina Bang
Simeon Banister
Bonnie M. Barber
Geoffrey Barber
Joseph Barcia
William Barker
Kathleen Barone
Liz Barrett
Gareth Barry
Rebecca Barry - Kent
Jack Bartlett
Tracy David Bartlett
Sara Basher
Maria Basil
Karl Baumwart
John Baun
Mary Baun
Ann Bavis
Deborah Beardslee
Jack Beck
Jeanne Beck
JoAnn Beck
Dorothy Belknap
Ryan Bell
Dick Bennett
Chloe Bennett-Larson
Nancy Berlove
Valerie Berner
Julie Bero Emerson
Stacey Bershod
Elise Black
Jappie King Black
Carianne Blain
Danielle Blain
Barb Blaisdell
Lynette Blake
Phillip Bliss
Tyler Bohm
Bob Bonn
Christopher Bonnez
Ethan Borshansky
Mark Brady
Paul Brandwein
Sandra Corrigan Breathnach
Lisa Brienzo
Audrey Briggs
Mary Lynn Broe
Connor Brokaw
Jeffery Brooks
Tim Brooks
Nate Brown
Zenia Brown
Zenia Brown
VeJay Broyld Sr.
Kim Brozic
Chaz Bruce
Belinda Bryce
Phyllis Bryce Ely
Victoria Brzustowicz
Yvonne Buchanan
Lise Buonocore
Lise Buonocore
Katy Burke
Ressie Burrows
Margaret Busch
Bradley Butler
Sharon Buzard
Juan Carlos Caballero-Perez
Blue Caban
Sandra Cain
Bonnie Cannan
Heather Cappadonia
Karlos Carcamo
Benjamin Carr
Kevin Carr
Tiffany Carrozzi
Betty Casey
Conerly Casey
Dario Castaldi
Dan Caster
Robert Cesarini
Thomas C. Chaffer
Bruno Chalifour
Caitlin Chan
Christine Charles
Christine Charles
Vanessa Cheeks
Lingxu Chen
Laura Cheney
Karin Marlett Choi
Sarita Cipolla
Katherine Clark
Sherman Clarke
Anne Cliby
Bonnie Cohen
Lindsey Collier Sears
Isaac Collins
Meg Colombo
Robert Conge
Dana Connell
Alisa Cook
Carly Cook
Loraine Cooley
Beth Cooper
David Cooper
Carey Corea
Joseph Corney
Jay Costanza
Terry Costich
Jeffrey Cougler
Cynthia Cowley Folkins
Barbara Cranfield
Sparks of the Creative Fire
Melvin Cross
Antonio Cruz Zavaleta
Nancy Curme
Julia Curran
Patricia Curry
Pamela Danger
Luke Dangler
Sara Dankert
Gerald Dartt
Julie Daugherty
Donna Davenport
Meredith Davenport
Catherine Davis
Christopher Davis
LaShonda Davis
Damien Dawson
Aaron Delehanty
Jeffrey Dell
Richard Dellacosta
Jan Dellos
Kelsey Delmotte
Pat DeLuca
Michael DeLucia
Shannon Dempsey
John Dennis
Shoshana Dentz
Rebecca DeRoo
Rachel DeVona
Peter DeVries
Janet Dewart
Bernard Dick
Daniel Dick
Jerrod Diehm
Shelly Dinan
Mark Domagala
Dan Doran
Susan Doran
Robert Drozdowski
Nance Goyette Duncan
Robert Duncan
Andrea Durfee
Allegra Dziedzic
Dianne Eagle
Jacqueline Eckl
Maggie Economou
Joan Edelstein
Peter Edlund
Kathryn Edwards
Connie Ehindero
Gene L. Eichas
Toni Elderkin
Jim Eldred
Mohsen Emami
Brenda Erickson
Heather Erwin
Danica Miller Eskind
Roberta Estes
Jackie Evangelisti
Lashara Evans
Leo Faison
James M Farley
Lori Farr
Kathleen Farrell
Warren Farrell
Margot Fass
Jacqueline Fegan
Pamela Feicht
Lisa Fetkenhour
Bill Fick
Diane Field
Gail Flanders
Judy Fleissig
Kristina Flevares
Deborah Flynt
Jean Foos
Val Foote
Francine Fox
Nathan Foxton
Chris Frank
Joyce Frank
Karen Frank
Rebecca Frantz
Alex Freeman
Heidi Friederich
Stephanie Frontz
Pietro Furgiuele
Richmond Futch
Sara Gallagher
Ellen Gans
Haxel Garbini
Symmes Gardner
Laura Garrison
Richard Garrison
Bill Garvin
Jonathan Gary
Brittany Gasper
Amy Robinson Gendrou
Miles George
Chris Gernon
Sussan Giallombardo
Briell Landry Giancola
Sandy Gianniny
Anthony Giardina
Virginia Gibson
Mary Giehl
Melita Gill
Jo Gillstrap
Brooks Girsch
Carol Goldsmith
Nancy Gong
Sabrina Gonzales
Jennie Governale Fox
Amy Graham
Paula Grcevic
James Greco
Reggie Greene
Victoria Gregory
Susan Griepp
Natalia Grzebien
Ernesto Guevara
Jill Gussow
Connie Guttadaro
Charles Hall
Dona Hall
Carla Halstead
Robert Hammond
Charles Hancock
John Hancock
Mary Ann Hanna
Catherine Hannah Josh
Patricia Hans
Bob Harris
Brie Harrison
Sue Havens
Pamela Hawkins
Nicolle Haynes
Joanna Heatwole
Jennifer Hecker
Heioi Hehnly
Heioi Hehnly
Lorelei Heliotis
Harriet Heller
Michelle Henry
Alicia Herbst
Carlos Hernandez
Tim Hickey
Elizabeth Hiler
Mary Ellen Hill
James Hines
Pamela Hines
Richard Hirsch
Jennifer Ho
Andy Hoag
Lee Hoag
Kristin Hocker
Nathaniel Hodge
Betsy Hoefen
Volena Hoew
Jacqueline Hogan
Andy Holfinger
Scott Hollenbeck
Loyd Holmes
Nancy Anne Holowka
William Holowka
Linda Hopkins
Gina Horowitz
Liz Howe
Athanasios Hristodoulou
Melissa Huang
Tom Huck
Meghan Hughes
Margery Hwang
Denton Hyatt
Prosper Igboeli
Cory Ilo
Max Irwin
Kyle Jackson
Sonia James Wilson
Fred Janson
G. Peter Jemison
Susan Jenkins
Sara Jenks
Julie Johannes
Ann Johnson
Hon. William Johnson
John Johnson
Jessica Johnston
Alison Jones
Selena Jones
Marilyn Jordan
Cecile Jouanicou
Kristina Kaiser
Alysia Kaplan
Katherine Karl
John Kastner
Boris Keller
Susan Kelley
Kathleen W Kennel
Laura Covino Kerpelman
Kurt Ketchum
Joe Kewin
William Keyser
Don Killaby
Olivia Kim
Elizabeth King Durand
Sarah Kirchoff
Elizabeth Klein
Dr. John Klofas
Katie Kolthoff
Jill Kolva
Sandra D. Koon
Kathryn Korol
Inge Kraska
Stephanie Krist
Kathy Krupp
Eric Kunsman
Leigh Kwiatek
Scott Laird
Barbara Lakeberg
Tricia Lall
Sylvia LaMagna
Sophie Lapoint
Walter Larkin
Sherri Lasky
Christine Latella
Heather Layton
Minkyu Lee
Eric Lehman
Derek Lerner
Kim Lester
David J LeVant
Cathryn Leyland
Leslie Lindler
Janet Lipp
Jacqueline Lippa
Lisa Livoti Struble
Caroline Locatelli
Sharon Locke
Rebecca Lomuto
Nadine Longmore
Tracey Lopez
John Lowe
Mary Lowe
Roxanne Lowenguth
Cathy Lucisano
Ashley Ludwig
Oksana Lukaszewycz-Polon
Vincent Lupinetti
Olena Lylak
Yvanka Lylak
Rita Maas
Laurie MacFarlane
Mindy Maclaren
Ellen MacLeod
Rork Maiellano
Jennifer Maire
Nigel Maister
Christopher Maley
Katherine Maley
Melissa Mance-Coniglio
Barb Manchee
Tina Manzer
Mary Markell
Curt Markham
Kevin Marks
Wendy Marks
Anthony A Markulis
Ian Maroney
Pat Massa
Lissa Mathis
John May
Martin Mazorra
Melissa McCallum
Scott McCarney
Robin McCondichie
Raphaela McCormack
Geri McCormick
Patricia McCoy House
Ann McCracken
Dennis McDonald
Dennis McDonald
David McGuire
Jance Mckay Wiggins
Laura McKnight
Laura McKnight
Sean Mcknight
Dennis McNett
Barbara McPhail
Jeremy McVay
Darrel Medford
Janice Meister
Ceci Menchetti
Renee Mendler
Daniel Menz
Dragon Messmer
Christine Metzger
Brooke Millecchia
Aaron Miller
Catherine Miller
Iris Miller
Nikki Miller
Robert J. Miller
Jane Milliman
Renee Minarik
Robert Minckley
Margaret Mitchell
Robin Mock
Alexandra Molaire
Mary Anne Monley
Meghan Mooney
John Morrell
Robin Morris-Gaylord
Elise Morrison
Diane Morse
Richard Muir
Carol Mulligan
Lori Mulligan
Don Murphy
Susan Murphy
Brent Murrill
Jeanette Musliner
Leila Nadir
Greg Nanney
Patricia Nelson Serr
Dan Neuberger
Isobel Neuberger
Tyber Newcomer
Ryan Nieves
Sara Northwood
Jane Notides-Benzing
Paul Nugent
Pamela O'Connor
Karl Obine
Jacquelyn OBrien
Rodney OConnor
Susan Okey
Matt Oklevitch
Ryan OMalley
Rick Osborne
Willie Osterman
Jaquan Outlaw
Aaron Pagan
Joe Painter
Mark Palazzolo
Manny Pangilinan
Norm Paris
Mary Parisi
Sally Parker
Stephanie Payne
Bruce Pease
Sally Peck
Judith Peer
Lanna Pejovic
P.J. Pennewell
Ebony D. Penton
Cary Peppermint
Luann Pero
Brian Peterson
Jono Peterson
Steve Piotrowski
Steven Pisher
Ernestine Piskackova
Stephen Plunkett
Joanna Poag
Irving Pobboravsky
Dani Polidor
Janet Polizzi Visser
Lavro Polon
Jose Enrique Portas
Brenda Porter
Barbara Power
Julia Powers
Susan Prener
Stephanie Prevosti
Ellen Prill
Philip Probst
Beth Quattrociocchi
Najuy Quick
Evelyn Quinn
Nancy Radzik
Cherry Rahn
Sergena Reboux
Daryl Reding
Timothy Reed
Tina Reeves
Don Reinfeld
Dennis Revitzky
Katrina Rex
Bernie Rho Fallon
Kenneth C. Rich
Jennifer Richter
David Ridley
Derrick Riley
Maureen Robbins
Verdis Robinson
Kathryn Roblee
Artemio Rodriguez
Sidonie Merkel Roepke
Marlene Rogalski
Kay-Tee Rogers
John S Romig
Janet Root
Roslyn Rose
Bart Roselli
Ted Rosen
Beatrice Rosenbloom
Stacey Rowe
Lisa Rubiner
Patricia Russotti
David Rutherford
Laurence Ryan
Lindsay Ryan
Rauncie Ryan
Todd Ryan
Lisa Saether
Rebecca Saltzman
Karen Sardisco
Joscelyne Sarkis
Liza Savage Katz
Peggy Savlov
Lori Sawchuck-Lapier
Sharon Sayers
Carmen Schaefer
Ann Schauman
Carissa Schlesinger
Mia Schnabel Bell
Natalie Schwartz
Adam Scipione
Daunice Scipione
Jacob Scott
Suzanne J. Seeley
Ann Sessler
Stacey Shedden
Stacey Sheppard
Kathleen Sherin
Pamela Sherman
Elizabeth Sieber
Teresa Silsby
JMW Silver
Renee Simone-Lee
Henrik Sjostrom
Daniel Skillo
Anne Smith
Ashley Smith
Hannah B. Smith
Jason Smith
Jeffrey Smith
Melissa Smith
Pamela Reese Smith
Anne Smoral
Cathy Snider
Jolie Spiers
Ira Srole
Todd Stahl
James Stanton
Ken Stanton
Sean Starwars
Lorraine Staunch
Sally Steinwachs
Amy Stell
Ivy Stevens-Gupta
Douglas Steward
Alan Stewart
Sharon Stiller
Stephanie Stillman
Eric Stonehill
William Strope
Jenn Suba
Linda Summers
Werner Sun
James Suplicki
Sorina Susnea
Oleg Svystun
Heather Swenson
Yuan Tao
Joseph Tarantelli
Anna Taylor
Michael Taylor
Cyprian Tayrien
Michael Teres
Geoff Tesch
Drew Tetz
Sarah Thompson
Kelly Thompson-Waldt
Rick Tiernan
Sue Tkach
Richard Tomasello
Dorothy Toomey
Greg Townson
John Tribone
Aydin Ture
Donald Tyson
Diane Vair
Michele Vair
Stacey VanDenburgh
Zirrus VanDevere
Ren Vasiliev
Joseph Velasquez
Mark Verna
Pamela Viggiani
Enrique Viturro
April Vollmer
Barb Wager
Scott Wagner
Allyn Walters
Thomas Warfield
Robert Watkins
Marcus Watts
George Wegman
Marijean Weld
Adam Werth
Judith Wesley
Dee Westfall
Tom Weymann
Brandon White
Van White
John Whitney
Robyn Whittaker
Christine Wickert
Susan Widmer
Robert J. Wigingtong
Na'Im Wilcox
Julie Wilkens
Brittany Williams
Heather Williams
Judd Williams
Shelitha Williams
Alexandra Wilmot
Craig Wilson
Sarah Wilson
Janet Winkie
Mary Ann Wolfe
Kristen Wondrack
Anne Woodruff
Emily Wozniak
Matt Wurtenberg
James Wylie
Art Yockrc
Kevin Yost
Mark Zane
Gina Zanolli
Amy Zeusler
Leah Zimmerman
Edgarda Zordan

Student / Senior

Ann Carol
Karen Abbas
Gloria Acosta
Andrea Adair
Nicole Adsit
Mary Alkins
Elena Alvarado-Peters
Patricia Ambrogi
Susan Ames
Marilyn J. Anderson
Olivia Arnone
Doug Averill
Kathy Averill
Linda Bachman
Catherine Bailey
Rachel Baldanza
Nitin Banwar
Craig Barnes
Robert Baron
Bill Barry
Christine Barry
Emily Bellinger
Eric L. Bellmann
Margaret Berliant
Donna Bernardus
Marcia Betlem
Joan Bisset
Susan Blumendale
Alexis Blydenburgh
Lydia Boettrich
Matthias Boettrich
Gary Bogue
Caitlin Bowers
Rebecca Boyd
David Boyer
Robert Bramlet
Milt Braverman
Nick Brown
Anna Burke
Debbie Burrows
Stephen Burrows
Edward Buscemi
Marianne Buscemi
Kathy Calderwood
Bettye Callison-Palermo
Evelyn Cammarano
Chelsea Campbell
Lynda Campbell
Marlene Caroselli
Virginia Cassetta
Kathy Castania
Chia Hao Chang
Michaela Chapman
Garrett Chase
Ellie Cherin
Emily Clarke
Bella Clemente
Edward Cloos
Mary J Colclough
Nancy Colsman
Vince Conge
Gabriel Conte
Grace Conway
Owen Conway
Katharine Corti
Katherine Cove
Len Crellin
Leonard Crellin
Helen Danz
Jacklyn Das
Gwendolyn Davies
Benjamin Davis
Paulette Davis
Peter Debes
Sydney DeBruyn
Felipe DeChateauvieux
Honey DeLapa
Chris Demetriou
Austin DePalma
Robin Dettman
Ron DiNoto
Yuxiang Dong
Ben Doran
Edward Downey
Charles Dozier
Annie Dunsky
Justin Dusett
Wade Eaton
Giuseppe Erba
Cameron Farash
Catherine O Feinen
Marena Fernald
Kate Fisher
Kenneth Fisher
Hannah Fly
Scott Forsyth
Sandi Fortunato
Mary-June Fox
Emmalouise Franchi
Marla Friedrich
Lauren Furushima
John Galbreath
Paul Garland
Carol Gary
William Gerber
Virginia Gerew
Barbara Ghude
Geoffrey Gilbert
Donna Gillette
Peter Giopulos
leah Giunta
Leah Giunta
Abby Glogomer
Brooke Goldman
Robert Gordon
Dana Graham
Andrew Graveley
Catherine Green
Bernadette Guzzardo
Anne Lee Hafer
Bridget Hagen
Chris Haller
Helen Haller
Eliza Harvey
Maxwell Harvey Sampson
Catherine Hathaway
Catherine Hawks
A. Scott Hecker
Dale Heffer
David Heffer
Brenda Heller
Nate Hellstern
Joan Hendrick
Beverly Hettig
Nancy P Hicks
Stephen Hill
Virginia Hines
Christopher Hodgman
Joanna Hodgman
Jillian Honn
Doris Hooker
Rose Mary Hooper
Kristy Hoover
Ellen G. Horovitz
Jennifer Houghtaling
Martha Howden
Erica Huang
Donald Hyatt
Cynthia Iannaccone
Marie Ice
Anthony Indorato
Merilyn Israel
Michael Israel
Jane Ives
Madeleine Jason
Kristen Jenks
Kaiqi Jiang
Yanyi Jiang
Yu Jie
June Johnston
Greg Jones
Lew Jones
Markas Kates
Emily Kester
Brenda Killackey-Jones
Charlie Kingsley
Stefan Korfmachen
Dr Martin Korn
John Kosboth
Mario Kozinczak
Esther Krakower
Nancy Kraus
Dan Krull
Colleen Kunz
David Larson
Holly LaVoy
Paul Law
Gregory Lawrence
Beverly Leach
Jeffrey Leavitt
Dominique Lepoutre
Denise Lippa
Ziang Liu
Menggi Lou
Denise Lowery
Peter Luce
Mary MacDonald
Cielo Ornelas MacFarlane
Megan Mahaney
Katie Mansfield
Roy Maratta
Roy Maratta
John C. Mariner
Alexandra Marris
Cheryl Amati Martin
David Martin
Kailey Martin
Stephanie Martin
Jubin Matloubieh
Adam Matta
Joyce McAndrew
Daniel McCormack
Prinus McGowan
Anne McKenna
Tina McWilliams
Michele Mendelson
Julia Merrell
Donald Messina
Jacalyn Meyvis
Arch Miller
Courtney Miller
Kathy Ann Morris
Bryce T. Murphy
Jerry Nadiak
Joseph Netti
Audrey Newcomb
Isaiah Nicholas
Jeffrey Nicholson
Paul Nunes
Amelia O'Leary
Maureen OConnor
Se Rin Oh
Edward Olinger
Kristina J. Owens
Theresa Paige
Kathy Palokoff
Allison Parssi
Lee Patterson
Lorraine Pellitteri
Margaret Perkins
Karen Pesch
Betsy Phillips
Kamryn Phillips
Mark Pierzynski
Paula Pilarski
Joyce Potote
Lucas John Potter
Monica Potter
Gabryella Pulsinelli
Gabryella Pulsinelli
Niasia Quick
Abigail Quinlisk
Kim Rachunok
Helen Rayner
John Retallack
Cynthia Ricotta-Barton
Trish Rintels
Armando Olivieri Rivera
Gail Rivera
Dorothy Roach
Pedro Pinera Rodriguez
Candice Metro Rogers
Ron Rogers
Elisa Root
Samuel Root
Judy Rosenberg
Sandra Rubin
Stephen Ryan
Shamara Saffore
Melissa Sample
Jean Hallen Sauberan
Maria Victoria Savka
Nancy Savoy
Alexandra Schlechter
Craig Schutte
Marla Schweppe
Patrick Shaffer
Raymond Shaheen
Richard Shearer
John Sheedy
Sean Sheehan
G A Sheller
Bill Sheridan
Lisa Sipes
Christina Smiros
Amanda Smith
Brandon Smith
Zerbe Sodervick
John Solberg
Grace Southerland
Jackie Spaventa
Ciaran Spence
Jardean St.Janus
Sally Steinmiller
Judith Sternberg
Lissa Stiffler
Janet Sunkin
Kathleen Sweeney
Mary Lou Swicklik
Michael Tanenhaus
Gretchen Targee
Carole Teegarde
Mary Termotto
Diane Tichell
Marta Tiesenga
Sanford Toole
Larry Rodriguez Tripi
Donald Tucker
William Turner
Noah Ullmann
Krit Upra
Nancy Valle
Keenan VanBrederode
Gary Vardabash
Edward Vesneske
Luzmaria Vignola
Aimee Vollmer
Bridget Watts
Joyce Wessendorf
Emily Westfall
Gretchen Wheelock
Robert Whiteside
Caitlin Wiley
Allen Williams
Tonia Williams
George Wolf
Holly Wolf
Lee Wright
Yunshan Yang
Janet Zandy
Betty Zarcone
Ryamond Zayas
Terri Zebrak
Yiwei Zhou
Kailin Zhuang
Sarah Zuckerman