24th Annual Members Exhibition

December 4 - January 18, 2015
Opening Reception: Dec. 4, 6-9pm (10% off for members!)
Awards & Special Announcement: Dec. 4 @ 7:30pm
First Friday: Dec. 5 & Jan. 2, 6-10pm
The Days the Artists Spoke:  Dec. 5, 6-9pm, Dec. 6 & 13, 1-4pm
Future Fund Frenzy: Dec. 12-13 (15% off all Future Fund artworks!)
Holiday Hours: Dec. 27, 28 & 31 (1-5pm), Dec. 26 (1-10pm)
Closed to the public for Holidays: Dec. 24-25, Jan. 1
Artwork Pick-up: Jan. 18, 5-7pm, Jan. 19 & 20, 12-6pm


For the 24th consecutive year, Rochester Contemporary Art Center welcomes all current members to show their artwork. Hundreds of artists participated last year!

Any current member may enter one artwork. All media are accepted for this exhibition including 2D, 3D, traditional and non-traditional media. Each artist is limited to one piece maximum 36" x 36" x 36". Artists may join or renew their membership at the time of drop-off.

Join or renew your membership here

Opening Reception Discount for Members
Support RoCo's member artists by purchasing their artwork! During the opening Reception on Dec. 4th, all artworks will be discounted 10% for members during this event. RoCo receives a small commission on artworks sold, so purchases also support our contemporary art programming.

Future Fund Frenzy: Dec. 12 & 13
All Future Fund artworks will be on sale for 15% off!
Donate art to the Future Fund

The Days the Artists Spoke: Dec. 5, 6, & 13         
Photos from last year

The 4th Annual Days the Artists Spoke is an event of short, back-to-back artist talks by any artist who enters the 24th Annual Members Exhibition. During the Artwork Drop-off days, artists can sign up for a time slot to give a 10 minute artists' talk. Members will speak about their piece in the Members Exhibition, other works, or their creative process in general. This will be a fun event where visitors can learn more about Rochester's best artists, and artists can meet each other and learn more about their peers.

The Days the Artists Spoke 2014 from Rochester Contemporary (RoCo) on Vimeo.

24th Annual Members Exhibition Awards

Members Choice Award
What’s your favorite? The Members Choice Award is an interactive award selected by members. Each time a member visits the gallery during the Members Exhibition they will be given a yellow sticker to place next to their favorite artwork. The stickers will accumulate for the duration of the exhibition and the winner will be announced on the last day of the Members Exhibition.

Memorial Art Gallery Award: Paul Nugent
Selected by Marie Via, Director of Exhibitions at the Memorial Art Gallery. Reciprocal level membership to MAG.

Bill Havens Award: Haxel Garbini
Annually awarded to one participating artist. Chosen and given by Anne Havens in memory of her son Bill. $100

Record Archive Award: Jihwan Park
This annual award is intended to support the pursuit of painting in the Rochester region. Selected and given by Richard Storms, owner of Record Archive. $100 Gift Certificate

Wow Award: Adam Werth
Annual award given to an artwork that simply makes one say “Wow!” Selected by Bleu Cease, Executive Director of RoCo. Family level membership to RoCo.

Print Club Award: Heather Swenson
The Print Club has selected one artist whose technical skills expand the traditional definition of printmaking. $100

Edge Award: Erica Huang
Art as inquiry. This award is presented to an artist whose work seems to be stretching boundaries, standing at the edge of what they know, peering into unforeseen territory. Selected and supported by Colleen Buzzard.

Arena Art Group Award: Amy Vena and Robin Whiteman
These annual awards are given by the Arena Art Group, whose purpose is to promote community interest in exploratory art forms. Selected by Co-chairs Zanne Brunner and Nancy Valle. Application, membership fees, and dues to AAG waived.

Lumiere Photo / Spectrum Galley Award: Pat Wilder
This award is given in support of the pursuit of photography, to an artist who’s work, in whole or part, uses a photographic process. Chosen by William Edwards, owner of Lumiere Photo / Spectrum Gallery. $100 gift certificate.

Axom Gallery Award: Lee Hoag
Awarded for exceptional use of materials/medium. Selected by Robin Muto. $100

George Eastman House Award: Lorenzo Rodriguez-Tripi
Selected by Lisa Hostetler, Curator-in-Charge of the Department of Photography. Family level membership to George Eastman House.

City Newspaper Critic’s Pick: John Kastner
Selected by Rebecca Rafferty, Rochester City Newspaper Arts & Entertainment Staff Writer. Artwork will be featured in City Newspaper.

Schedule of Artists' Talks  
Friday, Dec. 5 Saturday, Dec. 6 Saturday, Dec. 13
6:00-6:10 John Kastner
6:10-6:20 Michael Tomb
6:20-6:30 Bob Geroux
6:30-6:40 Arch Miller
6:40-6:50 Jacquie Germanow
6:50-7:00 Honey DeLapa
7:00-7:10 Jihwan Park
7:10-7:20 Zac Braun
7:20-7:30 Nitin Banwar
7:30-7:40 Karl Obine
7:40-7:50 Barbara Lakeberg
7:50-8:00 Amy Vena
8:00-8:10 Emily Westfall
8:10-8:20 Garth Freeman
8:20-8:30 Pat Pauly
8:30-8:40 Sandra Frankel
8:40-8:50 Sally Steinwachs
8:50-9:00 Aydin Ture

1:00-1:10 Jane Ives
1:10-1:20 Tobie Hewitt
1:20-1:30 Heather Swenson
1:30-1:40 Ted Rosen
1:40-1:50 Janet Lipp
1:50-2:00 Garry Geer
2:00-2:10 Jane Notides-Benzing
2:10-2:20 Daryl Reding
2:20-2:30 Margot MacAulay
2:30-2:40 Carol Goldsmith
2:40-2:50 Michael Teres
2:50-3:00 Patrick Shaffer
3:00-3:10 Joe Kewin
3:10-3:20 Krystal Petitto
3:20-3:30 Edith Lunt Small
3:30-3:40 Miles George
3:40-3:50 Nilson Carroll
3:50-4:00 Sharon Stiller

1:00-1:10 Carey Corea
1:10-1:20 Peter Bilous
1:20-1:30 Sid Roepke
1:30-1:40 Beverly Gibson
1:40-1:50 Rich Tomasello
1:50-2:00 Dan Scally
2:00-2:10 Cathryn Leyland
2:10-2:20 Dale Klein
2:20-2:30 Warren Farrell
2:30-2:40 Lee Hoag
2:40-2:50 Shraddha Kulkarni
2:50-3:00 Doug Steward
3:00-3:10 Jenn Libby
3:10-3:20 Ed Buscemi
3:20-3:30 LaShonda Davis
3:30-3:40 Cullen Wegman
3:40-3:50 Barbara Cranfield
3:50-4:00 Janet Winkie

Participating Artists  
A. Herbst
Adam Werth
Alan Singer
Alessandro Perriello
Alex Gilroy
Allen C. Topolski
Allie Push
Amy Vena
Andrew Fisher
Andrew Gravely
Angela Bonazinga
Anne Havens
Anthony A. Markulis
Antoinette Moon
Antonello Indorato
Antonia Orlando
Arch Miller
Armando Olivieri Rivera
Athanasios Hristodoulou
Audrey Newcomb
Aydin Ture
Barbara Cote
Barbara Cranfield
Barbara Fox
Barbara Lakeberg
Barbara McPhail
Belinda Bryce
Bernice Cross
Betsy Phillips
Beverly Gibson, insects and a tree
Bill Fricke
Bill Judkins
Bill Stephens
Bill Stewart
Bob Geroux
Bonnie M. Cohen
Bradley Butler
Brian Peterson
Bruce Day
Carey Corea
Carl Chiarenza
Carly Cook
Carmen Schaefer
Carol Acquilano
Carol Geroux
Carol Goldsmith
Carol Mulligan
Caroline A. Locatelli
Cathryn Leyland
Chelsea Campbell
Cheryl Amati Martin
Chevalier Daniel C. Boyer
Christina Bang
Christina Smiros
Christopher McEvoy
Colette Yon
Colleen Buzzard
Constance Mauro
Craig Wilson
Cullen Wegman
Cyndi Kingsley
Cynthia Cowley Folkins
Dale Klein
Dan McCormack
Dan Neubeuger
Dan Scally
Daryl Reding
Dave Dale
Deborah Beardslee
Dennis Revitzky
Denton Crawford
Diane Field
Diane Foley
Dick Beery
Donald Hyatt
Dorothy Belknap
Doug Steward
Drury MacKenzie
Ed Buscemi
Edith Lunt Small
Elisa Root
Eliza Harvey
Elizabeth King Durand
Emily A. Westfall
Emmalouise Franchi
Eran Hanlon
Eric L. Bellman
Erica Huang
Garry Geer
Garth Freeman
George Wegman
Giulia and Gary Picariello

Gloria Monacelli
Gregoria “Gigi” Garcia
Harriet Heller
Haxel Garbini
Heather Swenson
Hon. Sandra Frankel
Honey DeLapa
Illa Loeb
Jack Wolsky
Jacquie Germanow
James Rodgers
James Thomas Sturtevant
Jane Ives
Jane Notides-Benzing
Janet Lipp
Janet Winkie
Jappie King Black
Jasna Bogdanovska
Jason Smith
Jean K. Stephens
Jeanette Musliner
Jenn Libby
Jennie Governale - Fox
Jennifer Apetz
Jessi Putnam
Jessica Scipione
Jihwan Park
Jim Kuhn
Joan Lyons
Joe Hewdrick
Joe Kewin
John Chrissos
John D. Greene
John K. Archer
John Kastner
John Kosboth
John May
John W. Retallack
Jon Manning
Jose Enrique Portas
Jose Olivieri-Rivera
Joseph D. Tarantelli
Joseph Sousa
Judith Stewart Gohringer
Judith Wesley
Julia Deal / SEW Artistic
Karen Frutiger
Karen Sardisco
Karl Obine
Kat Barone
Kate Fisher
Katherine C. Baca (K.C. Baca)
Kathy Jiang
Katy Burke
Kenneth C. Rich
Kevin Yost
Kishan Pandya
Kristine T. Bouyoucos
Krystal Petitto
Kurt Ketchum
Kylen Gillette
Lanna Pejovic
Laura McKnight
Laurel Bahe
Lee Hoag
Leo Dodd
Linda Magi
Lisa Cook
Lisa Johnson
Lorenzo Rodriguez -Tripi
Loretta Petralis
Lyn Parsons
Lynette Blake
Lynne Merrell
Margot Fass
Margot MacAulay
Marilyn Groch
Marilyn Penzimer
Mario Kozinczak
Mark F. Zane
Markas Kates
Marla Friedrich
Martha J. O’Connor
Mary Colclough
Mary K. Grant
Marz Saffore
Maureen Outlaw
Meddle Up Your Glass
Melissa C. McCallum
Melissa Huang
Melissa Mance-Coniglio

Melissa Matson
Melita Gill
Michael Sampson
Michael Teres
Michael Tomb
Mike Celona
Mike Turzanski
Miles George
Molly Day-Karpovage
Mona Oates
Nancy Anne Holowka
Nancy Berlove
Nancy Jurs
Nancy Radzik
Nancy Valle
Natalie Schwartz
Nate Hellstern
Nate Hodge
Neal McDannel
Nick Delahanty
Nilson Thomas Carroll
Nitin Banwar
P. J. Pennewell
Pat Pauly
Patricia Wilder
Patrick A. Shaffer
Patti Ambrogi
Patty Condon
Paul Brandwein
Paul Dodd
Paul Nugent
Paul Porell
Peggi Fournier
Peter Bilous
Peter Devries
Peter Monacelli
Phil Bliss
Phyllis Bryce Ely
R. J. Miller
Renate H. Eckart
Rich Dellacosta
Rich Tomasello
Richard C. Harrington
Richard Edic
Richard Figueras
Rick Muto
Robert C. Whiteside
Robert J. Cesarini
Robert Marx
Robin Bourque Suwijn
Robin Cass and Bill Klingensmith
Robin Dettman
Robin McCondichie
Robin Whiteman
Sally Steinwachs
Sandra Corrigan Breathnach
Sara Basher
Scott McCarney
Sharon Coates
Sharon Stiller
Sheridan Vincent
Shraddha Kulkarni
Sidonie Merkel Roepke
Silvia Sears Boyer
Sophia Amm
Stacey M. Sheppard
Stan Merrell
Stephanie Krist
Stephanie Stillman
Steve Hill
Steven Piotrowski
Stewart Davis
Sunny J (Yanyi Jiang)
Susan Doran
Susan Mandl
Tarrant Clements
Ted Rosen
Terrance Quataert
Terry Costich
Thomas Hill
Tobie Hewitt
Tom Lightfoot
Valerie Berner
Vincenzo Lupinetti
Virginia Cassetta
Warren Farrell
Wendell Castle
Wendy Marks
Wendy Menzie
William Holowka
William Keyser
Zac Braun


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Exhibitions at RoCo are funded in part by:

Constance Mauro
Anne Havens & Stewart D. Davis

NYSCA The New York State Council on the Arts
The Rochester Area Community Foundation
The Gouvernet Arts Fund
The Mary S. Muiligan Charitable Trust
The Foster Charitable Trust
The John & Barbara Lovenheim Charitable Trust
The Samloff Family Fund

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