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6x6 Pics
There are many extraordinary artworks in the tenth annual 6x6, including pieces by famous artists, hobbyists, children and so many others! Local artists, organizations, and even the mayor curate their favorite artworks in this series.
You Helped Us Reach 950!
In the last few days of 2016, we met and exceeded our goal of 950 members, an all–time record for RoCo! Thank you to all of you who joined or renewed, helping to make our 2016 membership campaign a huge success.
2016 by the Numbers at RoCo

Completed 1 big facility improvement!
We’ve subtly transformed our main gallery to increase light, openness and visibility.

Organized 2 Tours of Private Art Collections.
Become a Patron level member to participate in special Contemporary Collectors events.

Curated 3 Temporary Public Art installations.
RoCo’s public art program enlivens our East Avenue neighborhood. Stay tuned for more!

Raffled off 4 Special Artworks during RoCo’s 6x6 Small Art Fundraiser.
4 lucky patrons won artworks by Albert Paley, Daze, Sydney Licht, and Wendell Castle!

Hosted 5 emerging artists featured in Vanish.
Vanish included new and recent work by Yvonne Buchanan (Syracuse, NY), Brandon Ballengee (Lafayette, LA), Peter Edlund (New York, NY), Aaron Miller (New York, NY), Dorene Quinn (Syracuse, NY).

Honored that 6x6 was voted CITY Newspaper’s Best Exhibition. Thank you!
Entries for our 10th Annual 6x6 are due April 16, 2017. Don’t wait, make your 6x6 early!

Partnered with The RAF to Exhibit 70 Artworks in On The Side.
RoCo and The Rochester Advertising Federation presented an exhibition of fine artwork by Rochester’s most well-known designers, photographers and graphic artists.

Received 8 Party entries from local and national businesses for 6x6.
Learn more about hosting a 6x6 Party at Ross Fest, March 2, 2017.

Celebrated 950 members.
Thank you for helping us achieve this impressive new milestone at RoCo. Yay Members!

Contemplated 10 Sacramental Objects by Kathy Calderwood.
The Ordinary and the Divine at RoCo was the artist’s first solo exhibition in twenty years.

Exhibited 11 Paintings by Sheldon Berlyn.
Makers & Mentors 2016 also included artwork by Russell Floersch (New York)
Juan Perdiguero (Oswego/Madrid), Kathleen Sherin (Buffalo), and Gerardo Tan (Manila).

High-fived 12 First Friday Fanatics.
See photos of these die-hard patrons at FirstFridayRochester.org. Sponsored by Victoire.

Exceeded 130 artworks sold to benefit our endowment funds.
You can help ensure the long-term success of RoCo by making a special contribution or multi-year pledge to our endowment funds. Call or email for more information.

Joined The Print Club of Rochester to exhibit over 14 diverse print artworks.
Under Pressure: Redefining the Multiple included national and regional printmakers.

Kicked-off cocktail season with 15 Mixologists at Art of the Mix 2016.
RoCo’s signature cocktail fundraiser will take place April 10, 2017. Get Ready to Mix.

Recognized 16 Artists with the Contemporary Art Awards!
View photos of the winners from this year’s 26th Annual Members Exhibition online!

Special Artwork Lottery Winners!
Congratulations to the lucky winners of these Special Artworks! Kathleen Holt (Albert Paley), Colleen Buzzard (Sydney Licht), Erich Lehman, right (Daze), and Jay Rachfal, left (Wendell Castle). Thank you for supporting contemporary art in Downtown Rochester!
Public Art

Rochester Contemporary Art Center’s public art program enlivens the East Avenue neighborhood with temporary, site-specific public sculptures and special projects. In partnership with Christ Church and other neighbors, artworks are available to the public, free of charge adjacent to RoCo's 137 East Ave. location on the grounds of Christ Church.

The 2016-17 public art program is dedicated to Sarah Collins and Mary Alice Wolf, two amazing women who were longtime friends of one another and generous supporters of RoCo. Both women recently passed away within weeks each of each other. We celebrate their lives and their commitment to contemporary art with this year's program.

The inaugural project What You Put In, by Kevin Dartt, is a large sculptural water feature that investigates water use in relation to the largest system of fresh water in the United States.
Special Artwork Lottery

You could win any of these four donated artworks by renowned artists Albert Paley, Wendell Castle, Sydney Licht, and Daze by purchasing lottery tickets. Lottery tickets are only $35, and there is no limit to how many you can purchase for each artwork! Only 120 tickets will be sold for each artwork.

Support contemporary art in Downtown Rochester and join us Friday July 15, 2016 at 7pm for the selection.
6x6 Stories Video Series

Learn more about 6x6 through the eyes of past participants and visitors. These videos are comprised of interviews recorded during 6x6x2015. Interviewees explain what 6x6 means to them and pick out favorite artworks. What's your favorite?

Watch Chapters 1 through 6 here.
2015 by the Numbers at RoCo
Rochester Contemporary Art Center had an excellent 2015! We look forward to working with you to make 2016 the best year yet!

In 2015, we:

Raffled off 1 amazing George Condo artwork!
Renowned artist George Condo generously donated an artwork for this special giveaway.

Organized 2 pop-up exhibitions in August!
Moheb Soliman and the Rochester Advertising Federation both held pop-up exhibitions this summer. Stay tuned for upcoming pop-up events!

Featured artists from 3 different countries in Makers & Mentors 2015!
Don't miss the opening reception of Makers & Mentors 2016 on February 5.

Partnered with 4 Rochester organizations to present Ride It.
See photos from Ride It: Art and Bicycles in Rochester here.

Curated Brooklyn Bridge, featuring the works of 5 emerging artists from NYC.
Keep up to date with Brooklyn Bridge artist Derek Lerner and his project, Avenue X, on Lerner's blog. Brooklyn Bridge was presented in partnership with the Memorial Art Gallery.

Recorded 6x6 Stories by visitors and participants from 6x6x2015.
View Chapters 1 and 2 and stay tuned for more!

Toured 7 little-known public artworks.
Nearly 100 people joined us on this bicycle tour of downtown Rochester.

Brought together 8 Print Club of Rochester artists for the Annual Print Fair.
Learn more about the Print Club of Rochester.

On January 9, 2015, we reached our pledged Future Fund goal three years early!
Thanks to the generosity of nearly 400 different contributors, we reached our pledged goal three years ahead of schedule!

Swam through 10,000 bottles in Shua Group’s project Poolastic.
Keep up to date with New Jersey based Shua Group's latest projects here.

Exhibited 11 of Amit Shimoni’s historical hipster portraits in the LAB Space.
Check out Hipstory and Shimoni's other work here.

Partnered with the Seneca Park Zoo for highlighting One Cubic Foot of the Genesee River...
...that’s 12 by 12 by 12 inches!

Recognized 13 Artists with the Contemporary Art Awards.
Congrats! View photos of the winners from this year’s 25th Annual Members Exhibition.

Kicked off cocktail season with 14 of Rochester’s best mixologists.
Art of the Mix 2016 will take place April 11, 2016! Call for tickets.

Stacked a lot more than 15 Cubes during the Xerox Jazz Festival!
Cubes by Symmetry Labs will be featured at Super Bowl City in San Francisco.

Biennial The Rochester Biennial at RoCo

Rochester Contemporary Art Center and The Memorial Art Gallery of The University of Rochester are pleased to announce The Rochester Biennial will now be organized by Rochester Contemporary Art Center, located at 137 East Avenue. The next Rochester Biennial will take place in 2017.

Future Biennials will be based at RoCo and take on varied formats involving guest curators, partners, and other spaces. The Memorial Art Gallery has hosted and curated the last six Rochester Biennials, showcasing select regional artists with great success.

George Condo Artwork Lottery

You could win this 10" x 10" drawing by internationally renowned artist George Condo! Lottery tickets are only $40, and there is no limit to how many you can purchase! Buy your ticket today, support contemporary art in Downtown Rochester and join us July 11 for the drawing. The estimated value of this drawing is $6,000. Only 150 tickets will be sold.

More about George Condo
George Condo is an American painter. His work is in the permanent collections of many museums in the US and abroad, including the Museum of Modern Art, New York and Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. A mid-career retrospective of Condo's work was exhibited at The New Museum in 2011.

Rochester's Memorial Art Gallery recently acquired Condo's painting: The Clown (2010)


Not 6x6

We'll be counting down the weeks to 6x6x2015 by reminding you exactly what 6x6 is not. Use the tag #RoCo6x6 and tell us what you think is (or isn't) 6x6!


Three Years Early

In 2012 we launched RoCo's first-ever capital campaign, The Future Fund. Thanks to the generosity of nearly 400 different contributors we reached our first goal three years ahead of schedule! These funds are dedicated to critical needs, including a new HVAC System (replaced in October 2014) a new roof and the pre-payment of our small mortgage (to be completed in 2017).

The success of The Future Fund and the purchase of our 137 East Ave. facility has reduced our expenses, allowing us to focus more fully on our programming and community building efforts, all with a greater sense of permanence and stability.

The Future Fund will continue to grow as a reserve fund dedicated to facility improvements and maintenance. Click here to help ensure the future of thoughtful contemporary art in downtown Rochester.

Fast Forward

Congratulation Kate Karl!

By becoming our 850th member, Kate helped us break a record and she won the special selection of mystery artworks.

Membership at RoCo makes thoughtful exhibitions like Question Bridge, State of the City and Makers & Mentors possible! Members have sustained RoCo for over 36 years, allowing us to organized diverse exhibitions, new arts initiatives, artists’ talks, screenings and performances.

Join Kate and become a member today. Member 900 will win more mystery art!


2014 by the Numbers at RoCo

Rochester Contemporary Art Center had a phenomenal year! We look forward to working with you to make 2015 another great year!

Thanks to your support and participation, this year RoCo:

Introduced 1 new exhibition opportunity for local artists!
The Upstairs Gallery is ideal for MFA & small art group shows. Call us to learn more about this space, 585-461-2222.

Celebrated 2 years of owning our building!
Read about the purchase of our facility in the Rochester Business Journal.

Worked with 3 local organizations to create a pop-up dinner at RoCo!
Colors by Ryan Jennings was a six-course menu with beverage pairings, proceeds benefited The Future Fund.

Installed 4 new Rooftop Heating & Cooling Units at 137 East Ave.

This long overdue improvement was made possible by generous contributions to the Future Fund and the hard work of Leo J Roth Corporation.

Received and Archived over 500 Artworks to benefit the Future Fund.
Shop these great works online today!

Expanded membership with 6 options for auto-renew!

This hassle-free way to support your Contemporary Art Center ensures you’ll never forget to renew!

Planned the upcoming Makers & Mentors exhibition with Richard Hirsch and 7 of his former students from RIT School for American Crafts.
Don’t miss the exhibition's Opening Reception on February 6, 6-10pm!

Partnered with 8 organizations to expand the Contemporary Art Awards.
New Awards this year included: Lumiere Photo / Spectrum Galley Award; Axom Gallery Award; George Eastman House Award; and City Newspaper Critic’s Pick.

Reached 99% of our Future Fund fundraising goal in just two years!
Help us achieve our fundraising goal, visit The Future Fund page on our website.

Hosted 10 Public Talks & Panel Discussions with Question Bridge: Black Males.

Read more about this important and successful exhibition on our website!

Prepared 11 awesome “This is not RoCo 6x6” images.
Watch for these beginning in the first week of January.... We think they’re pretty funny.

Wrangled 12 wild and skillful Outlaw Printmakers for the exhibition Dirty Dozen.
View photos from the Outlaw Printmakers Opening Reception and Affordable Print Fair.

Gratefully accepted the support of 13 new exhibition underwriters.
Contact us if you are interested to support a specific exhibition or program.

Expanded the number of countries represented in 6x6x2014!
Help us continue to expand our reach this year, encourage all of your international friends to participate in 6x6x2015!

Fast Forward  

We have reached 98% of our fundraising goal!

RoCo's future is looking secure, stable and thoughtful! Your support of The Future Fund will allow us to: remain focused on our mission; continue to program smart, relevant exhibitions like Question Bridge: Black Males; partner with committed organizations like The Community Foundation and RCTV; provide you with numerous unique and challenging exhibitions like State of City and The Outlaw Printmakers; and organize FUN fundraisers like Art of the Mix and everyone's favorite 6x6

These funds are dedicated to specific and critical needs, including a new HVAC System, a new roof, and outright ownership of our 137 East Avenue facility.

Help ensure the future of RoCo and of thoughtful contemporary art in Downtown Rochester by making a gift or multi-year pledge to The Future Fund.



Your Future Fund Contributions at Work:

RoCo's New HVAC System

Not only is The Future Fund raising funds for the purchase of our 137 East Ave facility, a portion of these funds are dedicated to specific and critical building repairs.

Thanks to your support and the hard work of Leo J Roth Corporation, we replaced an aged and failing HVAC system with new high-efficiency, "green" equipment! This is a great step toward ensuring the future of contemporary art in downtown Rochester.




Top 10 6x6 Excuses

For the first 10 weeks of 2014 we will be reminding you how easy and fun it is to participate in 6x6x2014...and that there really is NO good excuse!


2013 by the Numbers at RoCo

2013 was a great year for Rochester Contemporary Art Center. 2014 will be even better! We look forward to working with you and so many others in the community to make Rochester a destination for thoughtful Contemporary Art! RoCo has a wonderful year of exhibitions and programs planned for 2014 and we look forward to seeing you at our East Ave facility. Best wishes and Happy New Year!

Thanks to your support and participation, this year RoCo:

Celebrated 1 year of owning our building!
Read about the purchase of our facility in this Rocheter Business Journal article.

Sold over 2,000 6x6 artworks.
There are still over 12,000 artworks available for sale on our website.

Gave 3 new awards at the Annual Members Exhibition.
View photos from the Award Ceremony during the Opening Reception.

Held 4 solo exhibitions of local artists in the Lab Space.
Scraped, Scratched and Splattered by Joseph Tarantelli opens Thursday, Feb. 6, 6-9pm

Made 5 significant improvements to our 137 East Ave facility.
Learn more on our What's New page.

Organized 6 thoughtful and diverse exhibitions in our main gallery space.
View the complete list of past exhibitions.

Reached 76% of our Future Fund fundraising goal in just one year!
Learn more about the Future Fund on our website.

Achieved 800 members for the first time in RoCo's history.
Thank you for your support. Join or renew your membership today!

Welcomed nearly 19,000 attendees to RoCo's thoughtful and diverse contemporary art programming.
We look forward to seeing you at the Opening Reception for Makers & Mentors: Thursday, Feb. 6, 6-9pm

Hosted 10 of Rochester's best mixologists for a unique fundraiser: Art of the Mix.
Art of the Mix 2014 will be held on April 15, call 585-461-2222 for tickets. See photos from last year.

Collaborated and partnered with 11 arts organizations, galleries and museums.
Stay in touch with us and learn about future events on our Facebook page!

Administered and promoted 12 First Friday Citywide Gallery nights for up to 30 venues.
Visit the First Friday site to see the complete list of First Friday events.

Curated exhibitions of more than 13 artists from beyond New York State, and many more from ROC & NY.
View photos from Eat It: Artists Explore Food and Consumption



Your Future Fund Contributions at Work:

Preserving YOUR Art Center

Your Future Fund contributions have supported critical siding, flashing, roofing, and masonry repairs to our recently purchased 137 East Avenue facility.



Your Future Fund Contributions at Work:

A Dry, Organized Gallery

Your Future Fund contributions have supported necessary roof repairs, and construction of a new art shelving system for improved storage of artworks and more efficient use of our space.




Your Future Fund Contributions at Work:

Art for Everyone

Your Future Fund Contributions have supported the purchase and installation of an ADA compliant door opener on our main entrance, and the construction of a new coat closet for public use.


Your Future Fund Contributions at Work:

Sweat No More

In the next few months RoCo's old and failing rooftop heating & cooling system will be replaced with new more efficient equipment.

We have reached 76% of our fundraising goal, with 24% remaining. We have 20 out of 60 total mortgage payments available for sponsorship! Please make a donation to the Future Fund here.


RoCo Announces Purchase and Future Fund

RoCo announces the purchase of 137 East Ave. and The Future Fund!

The Future Fund is a multi-year fundraising campaign intended to ensure the future of Rochester Contemporary Art Center. The final goal is to raise $550,000 and over $330,000 have already been received or pledged (as of Dec. 6). These funds are dedicated to specific and critical needs, including a new HVAC Systen, a new roof and the pre-payment of a small mortgage on our building.



This resource center is dedicated to exploring and fostering “relational aesthetics” and “participatory art” in Rochester and beyond. The PLANT room was first launched in 2009 in order to promote initiatives related to: exploring a sense of place, land and the environment, progressive art projects, communities and neighbors, and creative uses of technology.

Come join us in the Re: PLANT Room!


6x6x2011: Global

6x6x2011 was a huge success! Nearly 7,000 people visited the exhibition and over 1,700 Artworks were purchased! Thank you for your artwork entries and your purchases!

6x6x2012: Everyone has been asking, "Will there be an exhibition next year?" YES! Artworks are due May 6, 2012.


300 Artists Participating in 20th Annual Members Exhibition!

This year, 300 artists are participating in the 20th Annual Members Exhibition!


State of the City Artist Amy Casey Featured in The New York Times

Several of Amy Casey's artworks were recently featured in The New York Times' Opinion section, accompanying an article titled Home for Life.

The article includes four works, one of which is currently on display at RoCo as part of the State of the City exhibition.


Art Writing On The First Friday Website

The Art Writing section of the First Friday website contains new interviews and articles including:

Interviews with with illustrator & activist Mike Governale and playwright Lori Marra, interviewed by Geoff Graser in the Q&A section.

Flight of the Iconclast by Timothy O'Malley in the Guest section.


Thank You!

6x6x2010's attendance surpassed last year's with over 7,000 visitors!

Visit the Online Galleries to browse and purchase the thousands of artworks still available. We are 80% to our fundraising goal with over 1,700 sales!


6x6x2010 Video

Installation of exhibition, artwork images, and June 5th Opening Reception.

6x6x2010 Online Gallery

6x6x2010 Exhibition Page



This resource center is dedicated to exploring and fostering “relational aesthetics” and “participatory art” in Rochester and beyond. The PLANT room was first launched in 2009 in order to promote initiatives related to: exploring a sense of place, land and the environment, progressive art projects, communities and neighbors, and creative uses of technology.

Come join us in the Re: PLANT Room!


6x6x2010-Opening Reception & Artwork Sale

Over 700 works were sold on opening night of RoCo's 6x6x2010 exhibition!

Between online and in-gallery purchases, over 1425 artworks have been sold. We are 75% to our fundraising goal, help us reach 2,000 works sold. Thousands remain for sale at RoCo and online! Visit the online galleries to purchase works available from both 2009 and 2010!

6x6x2010 & 6x6x2009 Online Galleries


Rochester's Largest Art Exhibition!

6x6x2010 is now featured on City of Rochester's website as Rochester's largest art exhibition!

Read the article.



First Friday - Art Writing

This new addition to the First Friday website provides blogs & online publications about, inspired by, and directed at the art scene in Rochester, NY and beyond.

Please visit the website under the Art Writing tab for this new content.



So Many Members!

Over 250 Artworks were entered in the 19th Annual Members Exhibition!

Thank you for your entries and your support!


First Friday - New Website

The new First Friday website has a new map that is a current and accurate representation of venues that will be open for the upcoming First Friday citywide gallery night.

Please visit the website for this month's participating venues.


6x6x2009 - New Video

6x6x2009 Exhibition Page

6x6x2009 Online Gallery


6x6x2009 Online Gallery

View more than 3,000 6"x6" Artworks Online!

June 4 & 5, 2009
Preview Hours at RoCo!

June 6, 6-10pm, 2009
Opening Reception and Artwork Sale at RoCo!

June 8 @ 10am, 2009
International Online Buying Begins!

Visit the 6x6x2009 Online Gallery




Final Count: 3,015 Artworks! by more than 1,000 artists!

Artworks arrived from all around the world and we have reached our goal of 2009 artworks, but we are still counting!

Opening Reception and Artwork Sale: June 6


Rochester Busniness Journal's "Best of the Web "

Rochester Contemporary Art Center's website has been nominated for The Rochester Buiness Journal's "Best of the Web" in the "Cultural non-profit" category. Winners will be announced Friday, February 13, 2009.

Thank you RBJ for this honor!



First Friday Shuttle Buses Return December 5

Rochester Contemporary Art Center is pleased to announce the return of the First Friday Shuttle Buses, thanks to funding secured by NYS Senator James S. Alesi.

First Friday Shuttle Buses will be available to the Gallery-going public December - June 2009. The buses will provide transportation to non-profit, university, and commercial art venues all over Rochester on the First Friday of each month. Buses will depart from several venues including RoCo starting at 6pm and will run continuously, stopping at all participating venues, until 9pm.

more information:



Rochester City Newspaper's "Best of 2008"

Rochester Contemporary Art Center is in the final running for City Newspaper's "best art gallery" and "best art show (6x6x2008)". The ballot can be found in the City Newspaper or in this online version. RoCo is in items # 87 and #88.



6x6x2008 Installation Video

6x6x2008 Exhibitions Page



3,200+ Artworks!

Rochester Contemporary Art Center reached and surpassed the original goal of 2,008 artworks for the exhibition/fundraiser 6x6x2008. Nearly 1,000 artworks arrived on the final day for submissions and a total of over 3,200 pieces will be included in the exhibition.

Thank You:
Lieutenants, who solicited and collected artworks from 6 countries and 30+ US states.

Over 850 individuals and groups who donated artworks to this exhibition and fundraiser. [List of Participants]

(We apologize if your name does not appear on this list. Numerous names were illegible and/or missing. We were unable to record some student names.)



Think BIG

There are 6 billboards for 6x6x2008. Can you find them?

Preview: June 6th
Artwork Sale: June 7th

Special Thanks: Colleen Buzzard and Hartmut K. Land, The Costanza Family Foundation, Rome Celli, Anne Havens and Stewart D. Davis, Record Archive, Greece Dermatological Associates, Howe & Rusling, Inc., Ron Richardson, Nedra & Richard Harvey, Andrew Green, Scott McCarney


Fit to Print

The April 18 performance of Moose Murders at Rochester Contemporary Art Center was the focus of a significant article by Campbell Robertson of The New York Times. The article has since been reprinted in the International Herald Tribune and on numerous blogs. Read the Article.



Rochester Contemporary Art Center on Facebook...

A good thing, virally speaking.

Visit our page.



The re-designed PHOTOS section of our site contains snapshots from openings and documentation of exhibitions and other events.


Improving the Flow

We've recently added a second entrance to the media room in our main gallery space. A much needed renovation, this new entrance drastically improves the flow of our walk-up gallery.



A New Sign of Permanence

September 27, 2007

  September 28, 2007

For Drawing Sake Video

For Drawing Sake Exhibition Page

Camera and editing by Jim Downer


photo: Rochester, NY 1910, Albert R. Stone Negative Collection, RMSC


New History Tours

The New History Tours are a series of guided bicycle tours that explore Rochester's obscure and radical history. For example, few people know that the founders of Western Union; Hiram Sibley, Don Alonzo Watson and Ezra Cornell are sometimes referred to as the fathers of the internet. The New History Tours take riders to the site and tell the story.

The New History Tours depart from and return to Rochester Contemporary Art Center. The August 28th ride was attended by 75 riders.

For more information visit the New History Tours website.



Art Bus

Rochester Contemporary Art Center and ThINC are working to establish a regular exchange of art and ideas between several New York Cities. This system of transport will further enable the arts community to visit city-wide Gallery Nights in both Syracuse and Rochester (‘Third Thursday’ in Syracuse and the newly established ‘First Friday’ in Rochester). Refreshments will be served on the bus and ThINC will work with the Art Center to curate the upcoming trips with video, performance, readings and talks that will enliven the journey and contextualize the events that lay ahead at the destination city.

Read Articles:
The Post Standard (September 28, 2007)
City Newspaper (September 19, 2007)

Art Bus schedule:

September 20: Rochester to Syracuse.
Bus will depart from Rochester Contemporary Art Center 137 East Avenue at 4pm. After arriving in Syracuse, visitors from Rochester will walk and ride the ‘Connective Corridor’ shuttle to a selection of participating ‘Third Thursday’ Galleries. Tickets are available at Rochester Contemporary Art Center and must be purchased before September 18. Only 30 tickets are available for this trip. To reserve at ticket call 461.2222 or email: bleu@rochestercontemporary.org.

ArtBus riders will visit:

  • Alterity: Art from the peripheries at ThINC
  • Cosmology: Works by Alan Singer at Redhouse
  • COME ON: Desire Under The Female Gaze at Warehouse Gallery
  • Maximum Color at Delavan Art Gallery
  • Bihn Dahn at Light Work

October 5: Syracuse to Rochester
Bus will depart from ThINC. for more information contact: info@thinc.org

ArtBus riders will visit:

  • A closing reception of For Drawing Sake, a collaborative exhibition celebrating the act of drawing. This show includes artists who are affiliated with the Monroe Community College (MCC) Department of Art, each primarily works in traditional or non-traditional drawing media.
  • ImageArt is an exhibition that showcases artwork and poetry by Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, Transgender artists.
  • Regenerations: Richard Harvey and Eric Harvey at Night Gallery
  • ‘FUSION’ an exhibition featuring graduate students in the Fine Arts from Syracuse University, and Rochester Institute of Technology being held at Gallery r.
  • When X-rays Become Art at Image City Photography Gallery.
  • People in a Torn World: paintings by Eric Lanuzi at Baobob Cultural Center