For Drawing Sake

July 27 - October 14
Closing Reception: October 5, 7pm
Drawing Club/ Artist Talk: September 15, 2pm and September 27, 6pm

The exhibition features works by Harold T. Coogan, Jim Downer, Kathleen Farrell, Joe Hendrick, Peter Monacelli, and Jason Smith. These artists are all affiliated with the Monroe Community College (MCC) Department of Art. Each of them primarily works in traditional or non-traditional drawing media and keep daily sketchbooks.

A variety of approaches to drawing are explored in this exhibition as each artist claims a gallery wall for themselves displaying framed and unframed works, small sketches and napkin drawings. In addition to this there will be tables of sketchbooks on hand for visitors to peruse.

An artist talk is scheduled for September 27th at 6pm followed by a Drawing Club meetings. These free form events are meant for the production and discussion of the process and purpose of drawing. Exhibiting artists will be present creating new works and will be available for conversation with participants.

Works created in these workshops will be displayed in the gallery on the “Evolving Wall.” Participants are asked to bring their own materials, snacks will be provided. All events are free and open to the public.

Jason Smith

Joe Hendrick

Peter Monacelli

Harold Coogan

Jim Downer

Kathleen Farrell

"For drawing's sake"  
We draw to explore
We draw to discoverourselves
We draw because we want to know
We draw because Leonardo did
         and Stewart Davis did
         and Käthe Kollwitz did
         and Ellsworth Kelly did
         and Pollock did
          and Vincent did
We draw instead of taking drugs
         or booze
Or giving into depression
We draw to be poets
          and comediens
To Laugh at politics
         and death
We draw because we love to
        because we have to
In the words of the poet T.S. Elliott
"And the end of all of our exploring
is to arrive at were we started
and know the place for the first time"
We draw for drawings sake