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2016 by the Numbers at RoCo

You Helped Us Reach 950! In the last few days of 2016, we met and exceeded our goal of 950 members, an all–time record for RoCo! Thank you to all of you who joined or renewed, helping to make our 2016 membership campaign a huge success.

Completed 1 big facility improvement!
We’ve subtly transformed our main gallery to increase light, openness and visibility.

Organized 2 Tours of Private Art Collections.
Become a Patron level member to participate in special Contemporary Collectors events.

Curated 3 Temporary Public Art installations.
RoCo’s public art program enlivens our East Avenue neighborhood. Stay tuned for more!

Raffled 4 Special Artworks during RoCo’s 6×6 Small Art Fundraiser.
4 lucky patrons won artworks by Albert Paley, Daze, Sydney Licht, and Wendell Castle!

Hosted 5 emerging artists featured in Vanish.
Vanish included new and recent work by Yvonne Buchanan (Syracuse, NY), Brandon Ballengee (Lafayette, LA), Peter Edlund (New York, NY), Aaron Miller (New York, NY), Dorene Quinn (Syracuse, NY).

Honored that 6×6 was voted CITY Newspaper’s Best Exhibition. Thank you!
Entries for our 10th Annual 6×6 are due April 16, 2017. Don’t wait, make your 6×6 early!

Partnered with The RAF to Exhibit 70 Artworks in On The Side.
RoCo and The Rochester Advertising Federation presented an exhibition of fine artwork by Rochester’s most well-known designers, photographers and graphic artists.

Received 8 Party entries from local and national businesses for 6×6.
Learn more about hosting a 6×6 Party at Ross Fest, March 2, 2017.

Celebrated 950 members.
Thank you for helping us achieve this impressive new milestone at RoCo. Yay Members!

Contemplated 10 Sacramental Objects by Kathy Calderwood.
The Ordinary and the Divine at RoCo was the artist’s first solo exhibition in twenty years.

Exhibited 11 Paintings by Sheldon Berlyn.
Makers & Mentors 2016 also included artwork by Russell Floersch (New York)
Juan Perdiguero (Oswego/Madrid), Kathleen Sherin (Buffalo), and Gerardo Tan (Manila).

High-fived 12 First Friday Fanatics.
See photos of these die-hard patrons at Sponsored by Victoire.

Exceeded 130 artworks sold to benefit our endowment funds.
You can help ensure the long-term success of RoCo by making a special contribution or multi-year pledge to our endowment funds. Call or email for more information.

Joined The Print Club of Rochester to exhibit over 14 diverse print artworks.
Under Pressure: Redefining the Multiple included national and regional printmakers.

Kicked-off cocktail season with 15 Mixologists at Art of the Mix 2016.
RoCo’s signature cocktail fundraiser will take place April 10, 2017. Get Ready to Mix.

Recognized 16 Artists with the Contemporary Art Awards!
View photos of the winners from this year’s 26th Annual Members Exhibition online!