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6×6 Art-Making with Erica Bryant, Gabrielle Peck & Molly Darling

February 2, 6-9pm

Join RoCo for our second 6x6 art-making event of 2024 on First Friday, February 2

We’re incredibly grateful to local artists Molly Darling, Erica Bryant, and Gabrielle Peck who will be at RoCo leading mini art-making sessions inspired by their own unique art practices!

On February 2 visitors can:
-Make a 6x6 with Gabrielle that brings out their inner child
-Create a 6x6 with Molly using their Ugly Art practice
-Build a 6x6 with Erica inspired by dreams and her unique collage practice

About 6x6:


Erica Bryant uses discarded bits of paper to report on happenings in the dream world. Self-taught, she draws inspiration from the work of James Hampton, Purvis Young, Josephine Tota, and the Gees Bend Quilters. Erica’s work honors images created by the unconscious.

Molly is an Multidisciplinary Artist, Imagination Doula and founder of The Darling Revolution. Their art isn't just about creating; it's about exploring, challenging, and understanding the complex tapestry of our inner selves. Molly uses her background in education and psychology to help folks reignite their play and imaginations.

Gabrielle is a local artist, curator, and activist. She is the Founder and Director of Free Art Collective! It is her mission in life to make art accessible for all by giving away free art and art supplies. She dreams of world peace through an Art Revolution with its headquarters in Rochester, NY.