6×6 Art-Making with Rae Wiggins & Aydin Ture

January 5, 6-9pm

Join RoCo for our first 6x6 art-making event of 2024 on First Friday, January 5! Local artists and RoCo Members Rae Wiggins and Aydin Ture will be here to lead activities and encourage you to make an artwork to submit to 6x6x2024. Supplies, music, and good vibes provided!

About 6x6: roco6x6.org


Rae Wiggins was born and raised out of the mud of Sodus, NY. Their art dives into their experiences growing up black, queer and trans in a conservative small town. Rae channels that unrooted emotion into their works. Using a raw and rigid hand style Rae contains the untouched material of what they felt/feel while their oil paint shows the tone and color appeal towards what the story is portraying. In Rae’s work you see their background skills in graphic art and graffiti come through. Finding inspiration through personal life experiences, Rae tells the viewer a story in their works presenting as a visual scripture. Wanting them to dig further than the surface and allowing the story to take them on a journey. @raewigginsart

Aydin Ture is a local Artist, born, raised, escaped, and recaptured in Rochester. Art making was his first playmate, friend and language. Mimicking the style and feeling of comics, the gestures, surreal ideas and immediacy, he began a journey that he is lucky enough to be walking to this day. His mother taught him how to look for Art and Artists, so this is what he’s endeavored to do wherever he goes. Currently and for the past 12 years, Aydin has been gifted the purpose of teaching Art at the Hope Hall School. This vocation has informed so much of what he does, how he sees and what mediums he can use. He is learning so much from the students, and his end goal is to become what he does. @unkleaydin @hopehallart