6×6 Art-Making with Rochester Community Collage

January 6, 6-9pm

Join RoCo for an evening of 6x6 art-making this First Friday. Local artists J.J. Pelechaty and Erica Likes Alligators will lead activities to help you make a collage to enter into 6x6x2023. We'll have refreshments, music, and everything you need to create your 6x6 in a fun, collaborative space.

In partnership with Rochester Community Collage. Boards provided by 6x6 sponsor Lumiere Photo.

About 6x6: roco6x6.org


Erica Likes Alligators uses discarded bits of paper to report on happenings in the dream world. Self-taught, she draws inspiration from the work of James Hampton, Purvis Young, Josephine Tota, and the Gees Bend Quilters. Her collages have been exhibited in galleries in California, Florida and New York, including a solo exhibition “40/40 Vision” at Rochester Contemporary Art Center. She was born in Rochester, New York, during a mid-April snowstorm. ericadreams.com | @erica_likes_alligators

J.J. Pelechaty: I am a human collage. My skin is completely multi-colored with tattoos, my clothing is mis-matched and I tell stories in a beautiful non-sequitur way. In 2009 I graduated college and found myself in a new town wondering, ‘How do adults make new friends?’. I started a collaborative zine, asking for submissions from folks who picked one up so together we could make future issues of the zine. Through these tiny little magazines I built a small community of like-minded folks, which grew into a diverse and talented friend group. My medium switched from zines to collage, and from 2009 to 2022 I’ve had hundreds of exhibitions, met thousands of folks and been shown how great this life can be a million times over. mixedmessagesclub.com | @mixedmessagesclub