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6×6 Make Art Day Know Your Sh*t Session

January 20

If you have questions about hosting a 6x6 art-making party (on Make Art Day, or anytime) join us for this ‘6x6 MAD: know-your-sh*t-session’ on zoom.

Online only through zoom - register at:

6x6 Make Art Day encourages people from across the globe and throughout Rochester to gather with friends, family, and coworkers to make art that will be exhibited in 6x6 the international small art phenomenon. Like a community reads initiative meets Super Bowl Sunday for creatives, Make Art Day defines a time when hundreds of families, businesses, organizations, schools and individuals gather to make small artworks; sharing and promoting the creative act. Each 6”x6” piece is then exhibited at Rochester Contemporary Art Center (RoCo) in June.

March 3, Make Art Day (MAD) kicks-off 6x6 season at RoCo! Get together with your friends and family and make artworks together.

Remember, 6x6 Entries are due April 8. Learn more here: