The Days The Artists Spoke Day 3

February 11, 1-4pm

The Days the Artists Spoke is a series of short, back-to-back artist talks and a great opportunity to learn more about a wide range of different artists. Don’t miss it! Artist list announced soon!

1:00-1:10 Nic Sweet
1:10-1:20 Ya’qub Shabazz
1:20-1:30 Aaron Schnittman
1:30-1:40 Carrie Dugan
1:40-1:50 C.J. Szatkowski
1:50-2:00 Susan Blye
2:00-2:10 Marianne O’Loughin
2:10-2:20 Jackie Quitaldi
2:20-2:30 Dave ‘Bippy’ Boyer
2:50-3:00 Joshua Baker
3:00-3:10 Kevin Yost
3:10-3:20 Hannah Bell
3:20-3:30 Paola Macas Betchart
3:30-3:40 Reaghan McCann
3:40-3:50 Michael Tomb
3:50-4:00 Andrea Durfee