The Days The Artists Spoke

December 10, 1-4pm

The Days the Artists Spoke is a series of short, back-to-back artist talks and a great opportunity to learn more about a wide range of different artists. Don’t miss it! Artists list announced soon.

1:00-1:10 Phi Kasem-Beg
1:10-1:20 Stacey Rowe
1:20-1:30 Alanna Wilcox
1:30-1:40 Lailee Josephine
1:40-1:50 Lucy Miraglia
1:50-2:00 Alan Kaminsky
2:00-2:10 Haley Indorato
2:10-2:20 Garry Geer
2:20-2:30 Heather Cappadonia
2:50-3:00 Anna Lussier
3:00-3:10 Tate DeCaro
3:10-3:20 Peter Monacelli
3:20-3:30 Madeline Coleman
3:30-3:40 Lydia Rolle
3:40-3:50 Michelle Roberts
3:50-4:00 CAASi EVO