23rd Annual Members Exhibition

December 5, 2013 - January 12, 2014

For the 23rd consecutive year Rochester Contemporary Art Center welcomes all current members to show their artwork.


Members Choice Award - Bill Stewart
What’s your favorite? The Members Choice Award is an interactive award selected by members. Each time a member visits the gallery during the exhibition they will be given a yellow sticker to place next to their favorite artwork. The stickers will accumulate for the duration of the exhibition and the winner will be announced on the last say of the exhibition.

Bill Havens Award - Katie Carey
Annually awarded to one participating artist. Chosen and given by Anne Havens in memory of her son Bill. $100

Dean Spong Collector Choice Award - Lee Hoag
Selected and supported by collector Dean Spong. $250

Record Archive Award - Shane Durgee
This annual award is intended to support the pursuit of painting in the Rochester region. Selected and given by Richard Storms, owner of Record Archive. $100 Gift Certificate

Wow Award - Patrick Doyle
Annual award given to an artwork that simply makes one say “Wow!” Selected by the Executive Director of RoCo. Family level membership to RoCo.

Print Club Award - Scott McCarney
The Print Club of Rochester has selected one artist whose technical skills expand the traditional definition of printmaking. $100

Memorial Art Gallery Award - Robert Nuuja
Selected by MAG Director of Exhibitions Marie Via. Family level membership to MAG.

Edge Award - Hannah Thompsett
Art as inquiry. This award is presented to an artist whose work seems to be stretching boundaries, standing at the edge of what they know, peering into unforeseen territory. Selected and supported by Colleen Buzzard.

Arena Art Group Award
- Susan Doran and Bradley Butler
These annual awards are given by the Arena Art Group, whose purpose is to promote community interest in exploratory art forms. Selected by co-chairs Zanne Brunner and Nancy Valle. Application and membership fees and dues to AAG waived.