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26th Annual Members Exhibition

December 2, 2016 - January 15, 2017

Thank you RoCo Members! To show our gratitude, we’ve named an exhibition after you. Any member may enter one artwork maximum 36” x 36” x 36.”

The Days the Artists Spoke
The Days the Artists Spoke is a multi-day event of short, back-to-back talks by participating artists. Artists may sign up to speak about their work in the Members Exhibition or their creative practice. This is a unique event where visitors can learn more about many different regional artists.

26th Annual Members Exhibition Awards

Members Choice Award - Joseph Mayernik
What’s your favorite? The Members Choice Award is an interactive award selected by RoCo members. Yellow stickers are given at the Admissions Desk, one sticker = one vote. The stickers will accumulate for the duration of the exhibition and the winner will be announced on the last day of the Members Exhibition. The winner receives an advanced opportunity to show in the LAB Space.

Bill Havens Award - Alicia Herbst
Annually awarded to one participating artist. Chosen and given by Anne Havens in memory of her son Bill. $200

Record Archive Award - Ron Rogers
This annual award is intended to support the pursuit of painting in the Rochester region. Selected and given by Richard Storms, owner of Record Archive. $100 Gift Certificate.

Wow Award - Susan Doran
Annual award given to an artwork that simply makes one say “Wow!” Selected by Bleu Cease, Executive Director of RoCo. $100 and Family level membership to RoCo.

Print Club Award - Michael Harris
The Print Club of Rochester has selected one artist whose technical skills expand the traditional definition of printmaking. A show in the lab space, $35 basic membership to PCR, and a $75 cash prize.

Edge Award - Megan Armstrong
Art as inquiry. This award is presented to an artist whose work seems to be stretching boundaries, standing at the edge of what they know, peering into unforeseen territory. Selected and supported by Colleen Buzzard. $200

Arena Art Group Award - Claudia Mejia Willett
These annual awards are given by the Arena Art Group, whose purpose is to promote community interest in exploratory art forms. Selected by Sharon Locke and Constance Mauro. Application, membership fees, and dues to AAG waived. $100

Lumiere Photo / The Lumiere Showcase Award - David Perlman
This award is given in support of the pursuit of photography to an artist who’s work, in whole or part,
uses a photographic process. Chosen by William Edwards, owner of Lumiere Photo. $200 gift certificate.

AXOM Gallery Award - Bill Stewart and Carey Corea
Awarded for exceptional use of materials/medium. Selected by Rick Muto. $100

George Eastman Museum Award - Joseph Mayernik
Selected by Photographic Preservation and Collections Manager Olivia Arnone. Family level membership to George Eastman Museum.

City Newspaper Critic’s Pick - Jennifer Hecker
Selected by Rochester City Newspaper Arts & Entertainment Staff Writer Rebecca Rafferty. Artwork will be featured in City Newspaper.

Main Street Arts Award - Jason Smith
Awarded for exceptional use of materials/medium. $100 and a solo show in Main Street Arts Upstairs Gallery.

Memorial Art Gallery Award - Jeffrey Leavitt
Selected by Memorial Art Gallery Director Jonathan Binstock. Reciprocal level membership to MAG.

Visual Studies Workshop Award - Nilson Carroll and Julia Merrell
Selected by VSW Director Tate Shaw. A VSW Press Visual Book Club Subscription valued at $150.

Wall Therapy Award - Sharon Locke
Selected by Ian Wilson and Erich Lehman. Wall Therapy swag bag with 2013 book, shirt, a signed can from a WT artist, and more goodies.

Constance Mauro

Dan & Barbara Hoffman & Family

Anne Havens & Stewart D Davis

Sponsored by:

Gallina Development

Fulkerson Winery