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50 Years of Poster Art

March 23, 2018 - March 27, 2018

This pop-up exhibition celebrates the art and history of the Corn Hill Arts Festival, dating back to 1969. The exhibition also includes photographs of the event throughout the years.

The Corn Hill Arts Festival poster art is more than a well-designed souvenir. These iconic works of original art - from regional artists - tell the story of art and life in the historic Corn Hill district across five decades. Originally designed as advertising posters, they quickly became collectible.

The original 1969 poster highlights the “Greenwood Area Art Show” on Greenwood Street in Corn Hill. Designed by Frank Locurcio, a Corn Hill resident, this poster had a limited run of 50 prints.

In 1980, a photo by Alan Reddig and a design by Bruce Leonard highlighted the iconic Gazebo at Lunsford Circle. Unusual for its black and white design, the poster announces a 10km race and the popular Fiddlers’ Fair.

In 2010, Rochester artist Cordell Cordaro created a stylized depiction of the vivacious social atmosphere of Corn Hill.  It thrilled visitors with the juxtaposition of historic Corn Hill homes as hats and quickly sold out.

About The Festival

Funds raised during the Corn Hill Arts Festival through sponsorships, vendors, and exhibitors are dispersed by the Corn Hill Neighbors Association for a variety of community needs. Festival funds are also used for protecting and promoting the historical character and beauty of the area. The Corn Hill Neighbors Association encourages cultural diversity, and strives to foster good relations not only within the neighborhood, but surrounding communities as well. For more information about the festival, please visit