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October 1, 2010 - November 14, 2010

Geometries is a two-person media exhibition featuring recent works by Christopher McNulty and Andy Gilmore.

About the Artists

Christopher McNulty (Opelika, Alabama) focuses on the way in which the human mind parses and digests the raw, and perhaps unforgiving, nature of our surrounding environment. McNulty documents his journey through physical, emotional, and intellectual realms with laborious, repetitive action. The resulting works are intricate pencil-and-paper drawings that serve as a physical record of the artist’s remaining life.

Andy Gilmore (Rochester, NY) concerns himself with the formal structure of design and tone. Heavily influenced by his musical background, Gilmore wishes to convey the visual intricacy inherent in the manifestation of sound. Gilmore’s works are prismatic and use their structural qualities to express the mathematical cadence of a good song or concerto. Looking at his various works, one can see how the smooth, circular lines and the vivid coloration lend themselves to a sonorous fantasy.