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Recycled Imagery

March 17, 1989 - April 9, 1989

Recycled Imagery features works that explore the process of recycling and its meanings and messages within popular culture by appropriating images and texts, presenting them in a new context. The works include photography, painting, xerography, collage, artist books, and installations.


Babette Augustin, Mark Boren, Cathy Clem, Nancy David, Margaret Evens, Rick Hock, Carol Lafayette, Joan Lyons, Darrell Matsumoto, David Merkel, Tom Metzger, David Moore, Robert Morgan, Gina Murtagh, Judy Natal, Joe Picillo, Barbara Rowe, Lewis Schlitt, Laurie Snyder, Allyn Stewart, Tony Treadway, Mark Watts, Jeff Weiss, John Wood