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State of the City 2009

Augist 7, 2009 - September 20, 2009

State of the City 2009 is a multimedia exhibition that features photographer Lesley Horowitz and street artists FUA Krew.

About the Artists

Lesley Horowitz (Buffalo, NY/New York, NY) extensively documents the remnants of Buffalo’s industry. She enters and documents dilapidated industrial spaces. The eerie dark places that Horowitz seeks out all have important stories to tell and questions to ask. Who worked here? What was produced? What happened? Though some go unanswered, the viewer and the artist are motivated to look further, into the shadows, into the past. Horowitz’s work has been included in Turn On at SLAG Gallery in New York.

FUA Krew (Rochester, NY) is Upstate New York’s oldest and most well-known street artist group. FUA (From Up Above) was founded in the early 1980’s and currently consists of second generation graffiti writers and street artists. FUA’s collaborative murals and individual pieces can be found all around Rochester and throughout New York State. FUA members paint publicly each year for the B-Boy BBQ. Their work is prominently featured in Beyond Gothham: Lost Borough, a documentary about hip hop culture in Upstate New York. State of the City 2009 features the work of 5 FUA Krew members. Range, Zone II, Sno, Ozone, and Melo 147 have painted a large mural directly on the gallery wall. Their work presents their collective vision for the future of street-style and hip hop artwork in Upstate New York.