Open today 12 – 5pm OPEN FOR 6x6 PREVIEW MAY 28 - 31 | ART SALE KICK-OFF: JUNE 1, 4PM

The City

November 30, 1990 - January 6, 1991

The City features the work of over 40 local artists, who each offer their own insights about the city of Rochester, NY. The result ranges from installation work, paintings, videos, and a series of performances on opening night.


Kevin Adams, Joan Allen, Jerry Alonzo, Marilyn Anderson & John Garlock, Solange Arana, Clarence Anthony, Kenneth Brooks & Webster, NY Girl's Club, Dan Brumley & James Tabbi, Nancy Chalker Tenant, City of Rochester Department of Maps and Records, City of Rochester City Historian, Robert Crawford, Dianne DeCaire, Paul Dodd, Michael Easley, Consuelo Echeverria & Jean Marie Whitcavage, Diane Elmslie, Cecil Felton, Barbara Fox, John Gwinn, Cinda Kelley, Andy Kiefer, Paul Knoblauch, Sandi Kohler, Kathy Krupp, Michael Maier, Brian Manning, George McDade, Turning Point group for the mentally ill, Karen Murano, Fred Nichols, Steve Sarno, Rick Scott, Eddie Swayze, Ted Williams, Carl Zimmerman, Ann Coffey Zinker