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The Molok – Performance and Object Offering

August 23, 2018

Join us 7-8:30pm for an evening of learning, experiencing and participating in the making of The Molok.

Artist Annalisa Barron will unveil her latest developments in her project and activate this human powered kinetic sculpture with the help the roller derby girls from both MAson-Dixon Roller Vixens and The Lake Effect Furies . The Molok’s sound designer, local Harold Taddy of the Velvet Noose, will create a live soundscape for this demonstration. Visitors are invited to contribute to the project by donating an item that is personally significant to you ( 2’ x 2’ max size).

The Molok is a 13-foot-tall creature, operated by puppeteers in harnesses and quad stilts and made entirely from re-engineered donations. The skeleton is made of antique crutches. Your item will be built into the creature itself and your story will be recorded in an online archive and could be included in The Book of Molok. The creature will be featured in an NYC based short film, The Molok, co-created by Sam T. Wilson and Xander Chauncey. Harold Taddy, the Sound Designer for The Molok, will accompany a demonstration of the creature’s Skeleton with the unique metal instruments featured in the film’s score which includes the waterphone and rav drum.

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