The Subway Series by Andrew Zimbelman

September 4, 2020 - November 14, 2020

Opening Reception: September 4, 6-9pm

This series of paintings on paper was started while the artist was living in Brooklyn and NYC for 8 years. After moving from LA to NYC he became fascinated with people on their commute on the subway. I’d been used to solitary driving for hours in LA so when I moved I immediately noticed a different kind of commute. People were entrenched in their devices; appearing to be in a state of meditation, trance, or a place of calm as they waited for their stop. A clear contrast to the noisy subway sounds around them as the trains screeched at every platform and sharp turn. Yet I knew the device itself was most likely not bringing them peace or calm. Everyone seemed to be in transit ( both physically and digitally) while also stationary.

About the Artist

Andrew D. Zimbelman is an artist and filmmaker living and working in Rochester, NY. Originally trained as a fine artist in drawing and painting, he developed a love for film and animation throughout his undergraduate and graduate education. Since receiving his MFA from CalArts in Experimental Animation, Andrew has worked as an animation director and illustrator for a wide range of clients such as HBO, The United Nations, AdoptUSKids, TED Ed, and Google, to name a few. After 4 years in L.A. and 8 years in NYC, Andrew moved his studio and art practice back to his home town of Rochester, NY with his wife and family. When he’s not taking on commissioned projects he’s making his own independent work which has won awards and been shown in film festivals and exhibitions around the world. Andrew is represented as an Animation Director by The Foreign Correspondents' Club.

  • September 4, 2020 - November 14, 2020