March 5, 2021 - May 8, 2021

'UnJustness' by Talent Babii and Cerious is the winner of the The 2020 Experience music video competition presented at RoCo. Shanique Byrd, editor of Tocsin magazine and Craig Carson, of The Deadline selected 'UnJustness' as the most impactful song of the year. UnJustness will be exhibited at RoCo along with a group of programs that reflect our communities complex experience of 2020 including the exhibitions Last Year on Earth, Through the Cracks, and our collaboration The Warp & Weft.

About The Song

The song "Unjustness" ft Cerious is the remix to my song "InJustice". "Unjustness" was written after Daniel Prude's murder in response to all of the violence and police brutality that continues to happen across the country. The original song "InJustice" received so much positive feedback that people demanded a remix. So, I contacted the perfect person, which is my cousin Cerious. The lyrics pretty much just flowed off my brain, the words rolled off my tongue because it was something I wanted to talk about and felt it was only right that I spoke up.

"To the people that chose my song as the Most Impactful song of the year: Thank y’all so much. I am truly honored and grateful and I would love y’all to tell a friend to tell a friend about this video."
-Talent Babii

"Thank you to those who picked us to be the Most Impactful. I am honored that the message we portrayed in our song really hit them and left a lasting impression on them. I would also like to thank everyone involved in this for making this great platform for our city. Its a great thing I am humble and the recognition just let me know that I was meant for this and to keep pushing to get better."

The video and images above feature a mural for Daniel Prude by R(evolutionary) Beats ( @r.beats_ ) including Estee Cheng and Nikko Quiñones, and Project A.I.R. ( @airtheproject ) collaborators Jessica Cheng and Alexa Guzman.

About The Organizers

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