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Utopian Ideals, Multiple Realities

April 12, 1991 - May 26, 1991

Utopian Ideals, Multiple Realities is an exhibition that examines ideals, both individual and universal, and how these ideals mesh with day-to-day living. The show features more than 30 artists representing a rich diversity of work that includes art installations, painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, woodworking, and performance.


Patti Ambrogi, Vasanthy Ashwath, Babette Augustin, Cirsten Carle, Juan Cavazos, Polly Cook, Nancy David, Carolyn Donegan, A. Epstein, Nancy Jo Gambacurta, Douglas Giebel, Tom Lightfoot, Susan Begy Simmons & Ann Clarke Hausknecht, Joe Hendrick, Johnathan Ingells, Bill Judkins & Jan Cermak, Susan Huggins Leopard, Richard Low & Melanie Sherwood, Christine Mnick, J. Robertson Nash, NY State Division for Youth Industry School, Paul Nugent, Judy Sanchez & Tom Weber, Todd Smith & Gonca Ilbeyi, Peter Vietch & School of the Arts High School