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Member Spotlight Jenny Jean

Q: Why did you become a RoCo member?
A: I became a member of RoCo because of all of the cool benefits. I really enjoy the ability to both participate in the member’s exhibit and be able to go see new shows at any time for free. I really love having the ability to be spontaneous about when and how many times I see a given exhibit.

Q: What is your favorite exhibition and why?
A: I really love the 6x6 and Member’s exhibit. I love these exhibits the most because of the ways in which they challenge our perceptions of what constitutes as professional and amateur art. The blurring of the lines is really fun to me because I am engaging with the works of art I am forced to re-imagine the landscape of what is and isn’t high art. When you remove the ability to see a work of art through the predefined lens of who constructed it, trying to place meaning to what is being seen becomes that much more rich.

Q: Tell us about an interesting experience you've had at RoCo.
A: “The artist talk” series was really fun and interesting. Hearing from others about their artist statements and viewpoints was amazing. It was interesting to see the congruencies and incongruences between the art being presented and the process/statement of the art. It was also interesting to see how individuals came to find art and why they continued to do art.

Q: If you could have one artist create your portrait, who would it be?
A: Dead: I would love to see Frida Kahlo’s portrait of me (although she was not big on veering away from self-portraits). Alive: Brittany William.

Q: What type of art do you collect?
A: I am really drawn to self-portraits. I love seeing myself in the ways others portray themselves. I think there is something very calming about seeing elements of a collective experience.

Q: Who is your favorite artist?
A: My favorite photographer is Francesca Woodman. My favorite painter is Frida Kahlo. My favorite collage artist is Tasya Van Ree. My favorite mixed media artist is Wangechi Mutu.