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Member Spotlight Peggi Fournier and Paul Dodd

Q: Why did you become a RoCo member?
A: Paul: The original Pyramid, on Monroe Avenue, was just a few doors down from where I was working as a graphic artist. We were excited about the alternative art space and its mission and became members early on. When Pyramid changed its name to Rochester Contemporary we were asked to create a logo for the new organization and we’re happy to see it still being used today.
A: Peggi: We’ve always enjoyed being involved with Pyramid/Roco since the early days and saw many creative, cutting edge shows and performances in the various locations. Our band has played at all of them over the years.

Q: What is your favorite exhibition you’ve experienced at RoCo?
A: Paul: My favorite exhibition at RoCo is the annual members show. The variety of members’ work is a feast for the eyes and the openings, with so many familiar faces, gives you a real sense of the arts community in Rochester.
A: Peggi: The members show is my favorite as well. The talented arts community we have is amazing and it's fun it is to share that together.
Q: You all designed RoCo’s logo! Tell us a bit more about your careers and along with that what it's like working together?
A: Paul: We have worked together as a couple, as bandmates (Personal Effects, Margaret Explosion) and business owners (4D Advertising.) We discovered long ago that our skills compliment one another. We feel very lucky.
A: Peggi: I taught high school Spanish for 10 years before starting 4D with Paul. He had been a commercial artist all along. I came into it at the very beginnings of the Mac computer. We began designing for the web early on in addition to graphic design and the technology kept evolving. It was a continual learning experience for us that we loved.

Q: If you could have one artist create your portraits, who would it be?
A: Paul: Georges Rouault
A: Peggi: Modigliani

Q: You all are avid art collectors! What surprising piece of work would we find in your collection?
A: Our favorite piece is a silkscreen print by José Guerrero that we bought at a gallery in Madrid. It is a wonderful combination or playfulness, minimalism and expression.

Q: Tell us about the Refrigerator and The Don Hershey websites? How did those get started?
A: The Refrigerator ( was an offset printed, pre-internet zine available in restaurants and bars in Rochester for free. We did 28 issues over three years. The writing, photography and artwork was all anonymous and the cost was paid for by the advertisers. We both contributed. The Refrigerator website was abandoned years ago. Paul now has his PopWars website ( and Peggi has hers ( ) which is devoted to Rochester architect, Don Hershey. We live in a Don Hershey home.

Q: Bowie or Dylan
A: The first album Peggi ever bought was Dylan’s “Bringing It All Back Home” and his music has been a big part of our life. We both think David Bowie’s “Low” is a masterpiece.