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Member Spotlight Stanley Van Horn & Marc Goldman

Q: Why did you join RoCo? 
A: We fell in love with Rochester when we relocated here in 2010, and we saw RoCo as a place that not only celebrated the vibrant art and design community but also celebrated Rochester as a city and its people.  We wanted to be at that party.

Q: What is your favorite exhibition and why?
A: One that was especially meaningful to us was:  “State of the City 2011: In the Loop.” The exhibit gave a sense of the history and a feeling that Rochester was poised for some re-imagining. Now when we walk, bike or drive past the parts of the Inner Loop that are now filled in, we can savor those feelings that the exhibit stirred up.
Q: Tell us about an interesting experience you've had at RoCo
A: We like going to a place where you might enter an exhibit space that has an interpretive dance or some music as part of a First Friday opening exhibit.  And then end up having a conversation with someone about the e-bike she drove to the exhibit and whether or not she made her own battery for it. 
Q: If you could have one artist create your portrait, who would it be?
A: We are fascinated by Yayoi Kusama’s dots.  We’re not sure how that would be a portrait, but maybe we could be part of the installation.
Q: What type of art do you collect?
A: Art pulls us in, provokes and sometimes lives in our minds, but we are not really collectors. The art we have in our home reflects our relationship to family and to nature and to our communities.

Q: Who is your favorite artist?
A: Marc Chagall is a favorite.  We’ve imagined being one of the couples in the weird skies or rustic scenes of a Chagall painting.