Call for Art: 2D Temporary Public Art Installation

Deadline: 5pm (EST) on September 14, 2023


Rochester Contemporary Art Center (RoCo) invites artists to propose three images for a temporary public art installation at our main facility. Through this call for art we aim to offer a simple submission process for incisive, surprising, and unique imagery that will enliven the East Avenue neighborhood. Of particular interest are projects that connect visitors to the location, community and/or history of the neighborhood, challenge visitors and passersby, and address important social and political issues. RoCo welcomes visual artists of all genres. RoCo also invites visual artists to collaborate with literary artists as we have previously shown in this location.
The completed series of three images (10’ h x 7’ w) will be exhibited to the public 24/7 for 4-6 months. The duration will be determined with RoCo staff based on the seasons and concept of the project. Artist will receive a $400 stipend & use fee for exhibiting preexisting images. If an artists is interested in creating new works for this submission, please contact the us. All production and installation costs are covered by RoCo.


This program is open to artists in the Greater Rochester area, New York artists, and national artists. Artists who have exhibited in other exhibitions at RoCo are eligible to apply.

Site and Audience

Prior to submission, artists are encouraged to visit the location, a unique urban park in downtown Rochester, both during the day and at night. Applicants are also encouraged to learn about the history and context of the location and neighborhood. Artworks will be on display free of charge to passersby 24/7. The site is visited by 300 to 600 people each week, with neighborhood festivals attracting many more visitors.


Submissions must be received by 5pm (EST) on September 14, 2023
Artist will be selected by October 15, 2023
Artwork to be installed prior to December 1, 2023


Please send via email to and include the following in a single PDF:
• Contact information for each artist (name, mailing address, phone number, and email)
• Resume or CV for each artist
• Simple project proposal, up to 500 words
• Three vertical (portrait) format images with title, date, and caption information


Rochester Contemporary Art Center
137 East Ave.
Rochester, NY 14604
Phone: 585-461-2222

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