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Member Spotlight Greg Townson

Q: Why do you love RoCo?
A: RoCo is so completely unique to our city. I love the way it connects local, regional and international artists, both as a way for the artists to present their work and as a way to educate and share ideas in our community. Every time I've stopped in, I've had an enriching experience I wouldn't find anywhere else.

Q: How long have you been a member?
A: I've been following RoCo since their days as the Pyramid Art Center, but i'm just recently a member. I wanted to give back for all the years of wonderful work, plus it's a great way to keep up with everything they're doing. It's always fun to receive their mailings and see what they've come up with next!

Q: What is your favorite exhibition and why?
A: It's a tough choice, but I would say 6x6 is pretty hard to top, given the scope and variety of the artwork.

Q: What is your favorite piece from a recent exhibition?
A: That's another tough choice, but I would say Meleko Mokgosi's Pax Kaffraria exhibition. No particular piece, just the entire exhibition. Very moving.

Q: If you could have one artist create your portrait, who would it be?
A: Well, since this is for fun, I'll say Jim Flora. I love collecting records and if I see a Jim Flora album cover I'll buy it, regardless of the music.

Q: What type of art do you collect?
A: I don't have much money left over after the aforementioned records and guitars! I did have painter/musician Michael Hurley create a painting for me years ago, something I treasure now. Right now I'm saving my money the 6x6 event next year!

Q: If you could own any piece of art, which would it be?
A: I have to say I wish I could own a piece of my own art, meaning I envy all these artists I see at RoCo so much. I can't help but wish I could do something even close to what they do! I have my music, though, so I guess that's my contribution.

Q: Who is your favorite artist?
A: I know it's a boring answer, but as I've gotten older I appreciate Edward Hopper's work more and more. I spend quite a lot of time by myself creating my music and I can relate to the solitude in so much of his work.