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Step Around by Kitty Jospé

Step Around
- with thanks to Bill Sellers and RoCo

We are invited to step up to step
around this sculpture— step
out of to see what's step-
ped into this steel.

We wonder why he calls it
Step Around— and what steps
were necessary to compose the 18 feet,
with a suggestion of a dance of lines.
The spareness waits for sun to step
up to its job of providing light,
so it can cast some shadow.

Step right up… step forward, back.
Take a step and take in the sound of step.
Flex your bicep, sidestep or quickstep,
but don't overstep your role…
let the sculpture speak—
how it invites a rambling eye,
standing like sentinel looking around—
but clearly not about to move. Step
around, or pause a minute. Be a post,
see how it feels. Tell what you hope
someone will notice.

-- Kitty Jospé