The Future Fund

In 2012 we launched Rochester Contemporary Art Center's (RoCo) first-ever capital campaign, The Future Fund. Thanks to the generosity of nearly 400 different contributors we reached our first pledged goal three years ahead of schedule! The campaign now continues to build an endowment fund at The Community Foundation. You can help ensure the future of RoCo by making a special contribution or multi-year pledge to the Future Fund. Please call for more information about donating directly or giving artworks to the ongoing Future Fund art sale.

For over 35 years, RoCo has organized thoughtful exhibitions and played a major role in building and sustaining the art community in the region. RoCo has done all of this from 5 different locations around the city of Rochester, often at considerable rental expense. The success of The Future Fund helped make possible the purchase of our 137 East Ave. facility, reducing expenses and allowing us to focus more fully on our programming and community building efforts.

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Illustration by Brandon Colaprete  
$5000+ Future Fund Founder
Help secure the Future of RoCo with a one-time gift! Future Fund Founders are recognized on the special Future Fund Donor Wall, in email newsletters, and on our website.

$4999 - $1000 Future Fund Underwriter
A one-time gift or multi-year pledge in the amount that fits your budget. Future Fund Underwriters are recognized in print, in email newsletters, and on our website.

$1387.94 Mortgage Sponsor
RoCo’s mortgage on our 137 East Ave. property will be paid monthly for only 5 years! Sponsoring a payment is a unique way to help RoCo achieve outright ownership and permanence. Mortgage Sponsors are recognized in dedicated email newsletters, and on our website.

$999 - $20 Future Fund Supporter
A one-time gift in the amount that fits your budget. Future Fund Supporters are recognized in email newsletters and on our website.

  * You do NOT need a paypal account, all major credit cards are accepted.  

Future Fund Founders
Ensuring the future of Rochester Contemporary Art Center


Anne Havens & Stewart D. Davis
Nannette Nocon & Karl Wessendorf
The Gouvernet Arts Fund
Dawn & Jacques Lipson

Dean Spong & Allen Mardorf
Davenport - Hatch Foundation
Jim Alesi, NYS Senate
The Mary S. Mulligan Charitable Trust
The Foster Charitable Trust
   at the recommendation of Mr. & Mrs. Antonio Petracca
Anonymous (2)
Willy & Robert Hursh
Colleen Buzzard & Hartmut Land
Vicki & Richard Schwartz
Kilian J. & Caroline F Schmitt Foundation

Stephanie Polowe
Charles Arena & Arena’s
Kristine & John Bouyoucos
Sarah H. Collins
Anne Havens & Stewart D. Davis
Mary V. Fisher
Francie & Robert Marx
Constance Mauro
Anne C. Coon & Craig J. Zicari
Loretta Wilmot Conroy & Andrew Quinn Conroy
Jacquie & Dr. James T. Adams
Marianne & Tom Kroon
Anonymous (3)
Max Rochester
Seana & John Holtz
HBT Architects
The Mann Family/ Mann’s Jewelers
Simone P. Elvey
Mimi & Sam Tilton
The Wells Family
   in loving memory of Jennifer R Wells
The Gallina Family
Carl Chiarenza & Heidi Katz
Louise Klinke

Future Fund Underwriters

4999 - 1000
John Edward Lovenheim & Barbara Pitlick Lovenheim Charitable Trust
Shree & Kishan Pandya
Raul & Charlotte Herrera
Eric I Zeller
Louis S. & Molly B. Wolk Foundation
Ames Amzalak Memorial Trust
Mary Alice Wolf
Ian & Betsy Wilson
Skip Battaglia & Ginnie Bacheler
Harry Bruno Salon
Noreen Salerno
Stephen Lurie & Kathleen Holt
Franlee Frank & John Perry Smith
Michael Linsner & Steven Plouffe
Patricia and Michael Wilder
Mrs. Irving Germanow
Edith Lunt Small
Nancy Jurs & Wendell Castle
Elizabeth & J. Pierce Webb
Eric Rodriguez
Jennifer Leonard & David Cay Johnston
Bob and Jody Asbury
Anonymous (2)

Future Fund Supporters

999 - 20
Louise & Burch Craig
Boo Poulin
Costanza Family Foundation
Eric Bellmann
Bob & Jeanne Beck
Alan D. Singer & Anna K. Sears
Karl Obine
Martha J. O'Connor & Daniel R. Eaton
Gary Villa
Glenn Leavy
John Tracey & Martha Bush
Tim & Rebecca Fuss
Stuart & Illa Loeb
Susan & George Leopard
Elizabeth J. Casey
Aubrey King
Joyce Buchholtz, in honor of Deanna Varble & Matthew Bielewicz
Marjorie Hunter
Alice & William Clark
Canandaigua National Bank & Trust
Jean Hallen Sauberan
Richard Figueras
Danica Miller Eskind
Diane Dalecki
Beverly Gibson
Jonathon Swan
Mary Lou Swicklik
Andrew Green & Christine Corrado
Pam Allen
Rebeca Boyd
Charlie & Barbara Cote
Peter Cuccaro
William L. Hoag
Cynthia Howk
Kristen Jenks
Kathy Johncox
Prudence Luke
Sterling Moore
Paul Nugent
Connor Brokaw
Cinda K Graham
Olivia Arone & Kirby Pilcher
Kaelyn Rich
Linda Rubel & Bill Waddell
Juanita Suarez
Jacqueline Vessel
Davya Brody
Melvin Cross
Cindy Culbert
Patrick Costa
Sarah Webb & Mike Bobrow
Daniel Demarle
Nick & Kitty Jospe
Susan Mandl
Brianna Dulgerian
Kenneth Fisher
Marvin E. Ritzenthaler & Steven A. Jarose
Karen Forsythe
Cynthia Gallina
Susan & George Leopard
Bob Baden
Angela Hamilton
Lee Patterson
Janet Hyeneman
Colleen & Hartmut
David Janis
Bobby Kirven
Robin Kline-Carr
Karen Morris
Alex Kummerow
Margaret Evans & Art Berman
Stephen Laifer
Rachel McKibbens
Gabriela Jimenez
Brian Nieves
Guy Paddock
Alan Curle & Andrew London
Glenda Reed
Randy Webb
Richard C Harrington & Darby T Knox
Karen M. Winer
Louise Epstein
Maura Keefe & Mark Witteveen
William Strope
Renee Scanlon
Edward & Mary Olinger
Michael Teres
Caroline Rafferty
Erich Weiss
Stephen & Theo Munson
Linda Moroney
Fabienne Santacroce
Julia Powers
Michael Teres
Derek Muller-Decaire
Damien Dawson
Andrew Davis
Sara Berger & Ginny Tucker
Lauren Burruto
Roberta Goheen
Sanford Toole
John Jaenike
John Orsini
Adam Civalier
John and Kristin Moore
Devon Natapow
Jill Nikas
Leslie Lindler
Robert Lee
Valerie Guay
John Jaenike
Anonymous (6)